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As we know, google chrome is the most popular browser in the world. PC is a laptop or mobile chrome browser runs smoothly in all. Google Chrome has many advantages that users find quite irrelevant. And Chrome is quite easy to see due to its slim interface, huge extension library and snap engine. Chrome is one of the fun ways to explore the internet. With Chrome being easy to see, there are many features that make it popular for us. After the introduction of Google Chrome the browser market has changed completely and today it is the condition that covers 40% browser market of Chrome’s world. In such a short time, Chrome has achieved so much popularity, then there will be something special that is not in the other browser. So what’s more in Google Chrome Google Chrome can do special thing about these 11 things you will be surprised to know.

  1. open deleted tab

Sometimes it happens to us that we accidentally close our tabs. But if we are using chrome, then we do not have to take any tension because the chrome gives us the option to start the closed tab. To re-open the closed tab, we right-click on the tab bar and click on the reopen The tab has to be selected. For this, the shortcut Cntrl + Alt + T will be pressed. If the page you were searching for was one of the many closed tabs, you would reopen the tab until you find the page you want Are.

  2.for easy browsing move the tab to another

To move multiple tabs in a new window, hold Shift and select the last tab in the group that you want to move. Highlight all tabs, and then drag normally from tab bar. This way you
Customize your tabs. If you want to bring your tab back, to keep it back, drag the new window into its old tab bar, in this way it will come back to its previous status.

3.Delete your browsing history by one button

We want to keep some of our browsing history secret and do not want to be in our phone. If you want something similar then use Chrome’s shortcut, which allows you to access all your browsing history
Will be deleted. You can delete your browsing history by pressing Ctrl + Shift + Delete.

4.Save the DATA


Data Saver is a Google Chrome feature that allows us to use less data and perform fast internet search. Data Saver compresses web pages so that they load faster and use fewer data.
In this way, Google acts as an intermediary between you and the internet. Data Saver is designed for better browsing so that we can easily browse in Slow Connection.



Pin tab is a feature that keeps your favorite tab safe. Yes, for this you will go to the tab and right click, then the pin tab option will be open in it. As soon as you click on it, the tab will go into the corner of the left site and stick it. Although this comes in handy, when a tab
It is not necessary to close it. Then keep a side of it by tabulating the pin. your webpage when you open browser


If you go to the same web page every day, you will want to see why whenever I open chrome, I see my favorite page, Lejay Chrome has brought this feature for you, whenever you open chrome, your favorites The tab itself will be seen. To do this, you can set Chrome to open automatically. Just go to the settings menu, scroll down to the start-up, and add the URL for the sites you use often

 7.Google chrome and omnibox

Google Search phantomroshan

If you need to answer the problem of math quickly, then type it in the URL bar and see the answer in the suggestions box below. It is not about replacing your calculator or solving differential equations, but a ready This is an easy tool as a calculator.

 PUBG virus encrypts your device:


 8.task manager

task manager

The most important feature of Google Chrome is that each of its tabs process differently. This means if you have any problems in any one tab, you can close it through the Task Manager. sometimes
It is seen that in one of the tab tabs, hangs etc. come to the problem. So you can open the Task Manager by pressing the Shift + Esc button. And the tabs that cause trouble can be stopped immediately.

9.For more privacy make new account

In Chrome, you can set up separate browsing accounts by going to people in the Chrome menu and creating a separate account. This is useful for creating separate profiles for your family, as well as others who can use your device occasionally. By creating a guest account, you can keep your settings and browsing data safe, for that you need to go to manage other people in the settings and click on browse as guest. Then you can give your laptop to anyone, your data will be saved.

put https in your website:

10.dinosaur game

When your Internet connection is lost, in such a situation, Chrome also provides you with a feature called running dinosaur which is a Google Chrome game that you can not play on the Internet.
And without the Internet, you can also enjoy the service of Chrome.

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