how to make wordpress website very fast

How to make website load in 2 secs


Yeah, do you know more than 54% of users use mobile/Android phone to surf the internet because it is easy and we can carry it to anyplace you know hah? But if the website is too slow and waste the time user then it is vain their traffic will also decrease. The mobile users leave the website if it fails to load within 3 seconds.

[highlight color=”green”]yes only by 3-4 seconds[/highlight]

I am just not saying Google is saying and they have released their article and this is one of the elements of Search engine optimization.

SEO of website

SEO of website

How do you feel if you are in the online exam and the site is too slow you tend to quit that website?

what tools I use  to increase my speed that I can load my site within 2 seconds

I am not writing this article just only to increase my traffic just go to my website home page you will notice it is loading too fast and drag towards the articles it fast nah so,i will help you to achieve,you might be thinking what sci-fi devices did i used and boosted up my website its not sci-fi i am using plugins so, without delaying lets start should we start lets start.

In short, what do i use
  • [highlight color=”green”]cloudflare[/highlight]
  • [highlight color=”green”]Wp rocket WordPress plugin[/highlight]
  • [highlight color=”green”]Imagify[/highlight]

yup, they are the tools which i use to speedup my website and make my website fast.

[box type=”shadow” align=”” class=”” width=””]cloud flare is CDN (Content Delivery Network) which really helps my website serving from their servers without any cost[/box]

[box type=”shadow” align=”” class=”” width=””]Imagify is an free WordPress plugin that i use it to compress my images in my website which really helps in order to make my website fast[/box]

[box type=”shadow” align=”” class=”” width=””]Wp-Rocket is a paid plugin of WordPress which helps to compress the HTML codes and optimize the size of codes and better than those w3cache and other plugins.[/box]

hey bro what are the tricks they re the names of CDN, plugins?


The tools and tricks which i use

  1. Choose a good host

choosing a good host hosting providers may provide you more information than me but in my view choosing hosting providers is most

2.choose fast loading theme

yes choosing a fast loading theme may help to speedup your website.currently i am using jannah theme which is awesome, and it is fast than my previous theme that was crappy

how to configure our Cloudflare to faster page speed

In my view you haven’t made any Cloudflare account so, make it first there are many blogs which may help you but if you need comment i will make it without any problem

so, you have made your Cloudflare account what to do now 

Go to the Tab Named SPEED:

1.Enable Accelerated Mobile Links:


Turn Off (If you ever configure AMP then only configure this, otherwise keep it off. We want your default blog page load fast, without trimming down anything).

also, read watch ipl from any nation

2.Auto Minify:


Check Javascript Check CSS Check HTML


Requires Pro or Higher Plan so that we will skip it for now.



Requires Business Plan so that we will skip it for now.


Requires Pro or Higher Plan so that we will skip it for now.

6.Rocket Loader:


Turn Off

7.Mobile Redirect:

Turn Off (Only if you want a separate domain for mobile users with different content, then you need this, otherwise, turn it off)

8.Prefetching URLs from HTTPS Headers:

Requires Enterprise or Higher Plan so that we will skip it for now.

Now, move on to the Tab named CACHING:

9.Purge Cache:

This is a one time action, which clears the cache and Cloudflare fetches an updated version of your website. We don’t need to do anything now.

10.Caching Level:

Choose Standard.

11.Browser Cache Expiration:

Choose 2 Hours. (If you want longer caching time, you may choose longer time periods too. It won’t leave any direct impact on your blog page loading speeds, so this ultimately depends on your choice)

12.Always Online:

Turn On

13.Development Mode:

Turn Off

14.Enable Query String Sort:

Requires Enterprise or Higher Plan. So we will skip it for now.

how to conifigurimagify

conifiguringimagify is too easy you have to move on setting to the imagify tab

you need not to do any thing just tick on that like on photo



Imagify ‹ phantomroshan nepali techblog — WordPress

Imagify ‹ phantomroshannepalitechblog — WordPress

How to conifigure wp-rocket

well this is the main scifi tool that will change the game so,i have tried it for more than 6 months and i was unaware about it previously used some other plugins such as

  • WP Super Cache
  • W3 Total Cache
  • Autoptimize
  • WP Fastest Cache
  • Litespeed Cache
  • Comet Cache

but plugins speed up my website,i came to know from google advertise yeah it is sometimes beneficial so, lets star t its work


you don’t need to install any other plugins for these following

  1. Page Caching
  2. Cache Preloading
  3. Sitemap Preloading
  4. GZIP Compression
  5. Browser Caching
  6. Database Optimization
  7. Google Fonts Optimization
  8. Remove Query Strings from Static Resources
  9. Lazyload
  10. Minification / Concatenation
  11. Defer JS Loading
  12. CloudFlare Compatibility
  13. CDN
  14. DNS Prefetching

Let’s start the game:

So, now you  have purchased and installed the plugin, go to Settings > WP Rocket to access its settings.

In Basic Settings Tab, choose the following:



Enable for Images Enable for Iframes and Videos Replace YouTube Iframe with Preview Image

Mobile Cache:


Enable. Enable Separate Cache files for Mobile Devices.

User Cache:


Leave it empty. This option mainly generates a cached version for logged in users separately for each user.

SSL Cache:


If SSL (https) is installed on your blog, then you must enable it.

Emoji Cache:





Check the box Disable WordPress Embeds

Cache Lifespan:


I chose 10 hours because I want to refresh cached version every 10 hours. If you want you can refresh once in 24 hours. If you publish new content very frequently, then choose a small interval. If you publish contents once in a few days, then 24 hours will do.

Well, let’s move on to the next Tab: Static Files.

Minify Files:


Minify HTML Minify CSS Minify JS

After you do choose each of the minification settings, clear cache once by hovering your mouse over the WP Rocket button on the Top and selecting Clear Cache, refer to the Image below.

Dashboard ‹ phantomroshan nepali techblog — WordPress

Dashboard ‹ phantomroshan Nepali tech blog — WordPress

Go to the third tab: CDN and just enable the Cloudflare Settings Option. We don’t need to do anything more here.

Click on Save Changes, and you will see another separate tab named Cloudflare. We will come to it later on.

Let’s move on to the fifth tab: Database

Go to the sixth tab: Preload

Sitemap Preloading:


Check Activate Sitemap Based Cache Preloading

Sitemap Crawl Interval:


Keep 1 second. If it increases server load, choose 2 seconds.

Sitemaps for Preloading:



Enter the URL of your sitemap over there. By default, WP Rocket will automatically detect the sitemap URL, so, only change it if you need.

Preload Bot:


Uncheck Manual. Check Automatic.

Prefetch DNS Requests:

If you use Google fonts then you can add the following code inside the box, it will decrease the loading time by a bit.



Now, let’s move on to the seventh Tab: Cloudflare

Here, you need your Cloudflare Global API Key. To get that, go to your Cloudflare Profile, and scroll till you see the API section.

Click on View API Key and copy the API Key.

Come back to WP Rocket. You will see it asks for your Cloudflare Registered Email ID and your Cloudflare Global API Key. Enter them. Click Save Changes to Refresh the page.



Enter your domain name

Development Mode:



Optimal Settings:

Relative Protocol:



WP Rocket a will work with cloudflare settings so,you can have that


You can see a Clear Cloudflare Cache button below. The switch comes handy if you want to clear cache.

Move on to the eighth tab: Varnish


If your server have  cachning the varnish after doing you can check to automatically


so that is the post too long yah

so, if you need sprocket for free then i can give you just comment down 


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