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Yeah android is one of the leading gadget and I has been most useful and portable device yet rather than other devices, android has provided that it has been beneficial to human beings because of their features and functionality.

 It’s been proved that the Android devices are full of useful features and functions and that is Why Android Is Better Than iPhone in The Market. You can use these impressive features to smoothen your Android experience. In this article, we can discuss top 10 best smartphone tricks that will definitely help you improve your Android experience.


Android Tips & Tricks 2018 —

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SO,do you know your device has developer mode you can use it to unlock different features of your device but I suggest you to Try it once ? but as an educational purposes.
How to do that:
First you need to go to settings//about device//build version //tap 7 times
You get it gotcha ?

2.Trace your android phone

Yup you can trace your phone without any external, how to do that let’s start it
First you need to enable android device manager
Settings//security//administration//android device manager
You have accessed to the android device manager now how to traceit
You need to go to


So, you want to have a backup of your files then you need to perform the following settings in order to get that awesome features’
Settings >> Accounts >> Google and click on “Sync All” option.
phone Settings >> Backup & Reset and turn ON “Backup my data” and “Automatic restore” options
It will backup all your data and you can access to it using your Google account ?


You can secure your device like FBI yeah you heard it correct FBI ? what are you talking man? yeah I am talking true you can do so following these steps:
To encrypt device and SD card go to Settings >> Security >> Encrypt device or Encrypt external SD card. After that you need  to mention your pin or password to unlock that isnt this easy✔ your info on you android lockscreen

So.if you use lock screen such as fingerprint, pattern, PIN to unlock your device then here comes way to show your info if your device is lost if the person is kind he will give otherwise he will take.
How to do:
System settings >> security >> personal >> Lock screen & Security >> add your alternate mobile number.


So, how is this I have written this article from Android without accessing PC so,I hope you will like this and share with your friends as sharing is caring yeah

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