how to secure your passwrod 2018

How to secure our passwords from hackers 2018

Secure your passwords before its too lake how to do that


It’s the e-mail and the Internet era. Now many people around the world are active in social network applications and emails. Thus using the social network and email accounts, id and password are used. If you also run an email, internet using a computer and smartphone, you must keep anonymous information about the password. If you have information about the password, you may know that the password should be very secure and do not even know anyone other than yourself. People are always worried about how to choose a good and secure password? Because of which password-makers do not hesitate to crash the password.

If you have a simple and unsafe password, you will always be afraid of being thieves. PasswordCheckers have many such tips, so they can easily crawl passwords .Therefore, when choosing a password, we always need to keep others guessable and secure. Of course, crackers can also crawl passwords, but if it’s safe and secure, they also need some time to crawl them. So the bottom is discussed below, if the password can be made safer or cancellated.

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The reasons for the passwords are unsafe:

vulnerable password 2018

vulnerable password 2018

Your password should never be related to yourself or your family. When password hackers hack password, they first get the support. Such as names, surname, birthplace and family names.

Common words and lesser words are not so secure and hackerscan easily know the password. Therefore, words like dragons, lobbies, gadgets and shades should not be used.

Keeping a password will also be used to make words different from varieties, and such words do not match dialogs, but the password made by these words is also easily cracked. Examples of these words: dr0wssap, l0ve, s3cr3t, dr @ gont / o: tf. But some of these passwords are more secure than above.

Many people keep adding words to secure your password. Also, these passwords are less secure than above. Examples of such passwords are: whatfor, divineright, bigpig, liove, farfetched, catspajamas etc.

Many people reuse the previously used passwords. But this does not save the assword. Therefore, the password used once again should not be used.

How to save password:

how to secure your passwrod 2018

how to secure your password 2018

If you feel like you do not have your password protected, make sure you change it immediately. Never click on the links that are coming when you’re chatting on mail.

Never write in the places where your password is easily found. If there is a lending point, then others should be locked and put in the place where they do not.

If any hacker is trying to crawl his password but is not responding, or if you feel that your password is not safe then change your password for at least 6 months. Changing your password regularly keeps password safe.

Mix the word, number, and special characters as long as they keep the password, but many sites do not support the character so check the password properly and mix a special character to the possible flow.

Sample and capital letters can also be mixed in the password. When the password is too long, the crawlers are hard to guess and the password remains safe.

The password should be used to keep the password safe. The numbers can also be kept in the middle of this sentence. Because of which the password remains safer and it is unbelievable to hackers by crackers.


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