top terms of internet

Top terms of internet that you dont know 2018


In this term today i will be writing an article on the top internet terms that you dont know or you know yeah these are easier and easy to, let’s

Terms of internet

Terms of internet


Internet terms –

Internet communication is a huge interconnection network that includes millions of computing devices. Desktop computers, mainframes, smartphones, tablets, GPS units, video game consoles and smart devices are all connected to the internet. No organization is the owner of the internet or does not control it.

The World Wide Web or Simply Web is the space in which digital content is served to the Internet user. The web has a very popular content on the Internet. For a beginner who is trying to understand the Internet and the World Wide Web It is important to understand basic internet terms. So let’s know about some top Internet terms.

We have told the concepts of some basic internet terms that are about internet and websites that once you understand it, they will start to look like a straight forward.

The browser

chrome browser 2018

chrome browser 2018

The brochure is very effective in terms of internet terms, which is very important for us to know. All new and old users use web browsers to use the internet, which is done only at the time of purchase in your computer and mobile. You can also download another browser from the internet.

The browser is a free software package or mobile application that helps you see web page graphics and much of the online content. Most popular web browsers have chrome, firefox, and safari apart from this, there are many other browsers that we can use.

Browser software is designed to convert specific HTML and XML code into a human readable form. The browser displays the web page. Every web page has its own unique address called URL.


how to make website 2018

how to make website 2018

In the list of internet terms, the web page also holds very important positions, when you are on the internet and what you see in your browser is a webpage, you can understand the web page as a page for the magazine. You can see text, photos, videos, diagrams, Linux advertising and much more on the web page.

You can go to a specific area and click on to expand the information of any page or to go to a related page. Many satisfied web pages together create a website.




Homepage is the main or index page of any site. Whenever we open a site, the first home page of that site opens up to us first.




uniform resource locators-URL- is a web browser address of internet pages and files. With the help of URL, you can search and mark specific pages and files for your web browser. The URL can be found around us. It can also be written on the bottom of any business card. The format of the URL is such.

URL addresses three parts to address a page.

Protocol is a part that ends with //: Many web pages use the http or https protocol. But there are many more protocols besides these.
Host and top-level domains, much of which ends on .com, .in, .net, .edu, .org, there is a lot more than all this and that is officially recognized.
Filename itself and page name.

HTTP is the full form of Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Web page standard of data communication. Whenever this happens in a web page, prefix, text, linux and picture should work properly in the web page.

The full form of HTTPS is Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure. It tells you that your web page uses a special encryption to hide your personal information and password from others. Whenever you log in to your online bank account or shopping site in which you enter credit card information , You will see “https” in the URL for security.


HTML Hyper Text Markup Language is a language for programming web pages. HTML orders our web browser to display text and graphics in a specific fashion. Startup Internet user does not need to know HTML coding to browse web pages.

XML is Xtensible Markup Language. This can be called the cache of HTML. It focuses on the data management of catloging and text content of the web page.

XHTML is the combination of HTML and XML.

IP Address

Our computer and every device that is connected to the Internet is assigned an address for an identity, which is called an IP address. In most cases, IP addresses are automatically assigned. There is no need to assign an IP address to beginners. The IP address looks something like this.

For every tracking purpose, every computer, cell phone or mobile that access the internet has an IP address. The assigned IP address may be central or change sometime. But it always works like a unique identifier.

Whenever you browse, whenever you send an email or instant message, and whenever you download a file, your IP address works for the automobile license plate to implement accountability and traceability.


ISP INTERNET SERVICE PROVIDERS You will need an internet service provider to access the internet. You can access your school library and workplace pay-free ISP. ISP can be a company or government organization that connects you to the internet.

ISP Provides Mouthline Services on Mifflin Price. Such as web page access, email, web page hosting and more. Many ISPs offer many Internet Speed Different Monthly Presets. You are more than happy to choose a more expensive package for speed.


ROUTER or router modem is a hardware device. Who acts as a traffic police for your ISP network signals coming to your home or business. Routers can be wired or wireless or both. Your router provides protection against hackers and provides content to specific computers, devices, streaming devices or printers.


Email is an electronic mail. It is sending and receiving messages typed from one screen to another. Email is handled by Usual Web Mail Services. Like Gmail or Yahoo Mail.

Beginners can start by creating an email address which they can give to their family and friends. However, you are not limited to an address or email service. You can add another email address for online shopping, business or social networking.

Social media

Social media is a broad term of online tools that connects any user with other thousands of users. Facebook and Twitter are the biggest social networking sites in them. Other popular sites such as google +, youtube, instagram, pintrest etc

Social media sites provide free account sites to people. With all the things relayed from the Internet, when you sign up for these sites, your personal information will be protected. Here, you are often given the choice that you can keep your profile private with whom.


To upload data from your computer to another computer, upload is called.


To download data from another computer to your computer is called a download.


Server is a computer with software program that has been set to user to survey the web page on the same computer or other computer. Server computer is paired with server software. Joe’s client sees the computer’s inquiries.


DNS domain name system is a system in which we assign the name of any website. We see that the internet is the Cororo website and their name is also different. This is the name that we give to our website, through the DNS only. The user accesses any website from the domain name. For example, see here billi4you is the domain name of our website. With this help, the user reaches us.

It is difficult for us to keep track of the IP address of any website. That’s why we use the domain name.

So friends, I hope this article will tell you a lot of internet terms. Those who come in front of us often during web browsing.

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