Top benefits of Edu email


hello,Guys how are you all i hope you all are well so,do you know what are the advantages of .edu email.If you dont know you will know here in this article and you will amazed what i have got from that .edu email I am going to explain what have i got from there and what you can also get so,for what you are waiting get and forward to these articles or read these amazing top posts from our website:

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i hope you will like those links,SO LETS start toward our main article

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The benefits which you can get are:

  1. autodesk

  2. G Suite Education Account

  3. Microsoft Office

  4. OneDrive

  5. LastPass

  6.  LucidChart

  7. Web Hosting

  8. NewEgg

  9. Amazon Prime

  10. Student Developer Pack on Github

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they are the advantages you can get from your precious email and what have i got from them:

  1. Student Developer Pack on Github

  2. NewEgg

  3.  Web Hosting
  4. LucidChart

  5. LastPass

  6. OneDrive

  7. G Suite Education Account

  8. Autodesk

so,they were the things i have got personally i hope you got the thing which you were searching over the internet


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