Hey guys,Today ia m going to reveal about he dark secrets of making the computer faster then ever so,this trick is going to work in every version of pc such as windows 10,Windows 8 etc.I have boosted my laptop using these methods so, today I will be revealing all the dark secrets to making computer fast.Your quires on making computer fast or making pc fast without any software then this post will help you to get that great achievement and make your slow running turtle like pc to Turbo or Rabbit yeah.there are many Methods on the internet that will help but no one will talk to these methods so, let’s start.

make pc fast 2018

Contents we will focus on :

  1. speed up startup
  2. make the start menu load faster
  3. get that right click nice and snappy
  4. Defragment your drives quickly
  5. Prevent your pc from running irresponsive program
  6. Disable fancy features
  7. Populate programs as well as the features
  8. boostup shutdown process
  9. Improve performance of pc with light software
  10. Get to THIS pc quickly

how to make laptop fast in 2018

they were the table of contents now you can follow up what i do to boost up the pc performance

  1. speedup startup

if you are getting late for your project and now you have less time to complete and you have booted up thye pc but the computer is not turning on then how will you hah just break this pc or laptop it’s not opening so, if you are the victim then this will help you lets start :

Type power options into start menu then choose what power option do on that left sidebar

click change setting that are currently unavailable at the top of that screen to grant administrative option or privileges then uncheck the boxes for turn on fast startup and hit save changes that it did

startup fast

2.make the start menu load faster

when the start menu takes time to open all programs then the registry can help you to get that feature instantly warning: editing the registry can be dangerous if you don’t have appropriate knowledge 

You need to open the registry  Registry Editor by typing regedit into the Start Menu and get to this

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop

In the panel, you need to get the MenuShowDelay key and you need to double-click it to edit. the number is a timer before it opens; 400 is a default value. I don’t recommend you to use as to 0 as every menu would become arrogant, so start trying this  amount to 200 first and you will know that it will be better for you and then just hit that save button



3. Get that Right Click Menu Nice and Snappy

If you are running pc then this means that you need lots of software for work then the registry will be added if you add new software o, it is recommended to use only essential software

4.Defragment your drives quickly:

so, defragmenting the drives will help you to run your pc more quickly and efficiently so, defragmenting drives is hard so, itis recommended using cc cleaner to defragment the drives so, using these methods will surely help

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5.Get to this PC instantly:

This PC known as my computer is a center for accessing all the drives so, it needs to open as quickly as soon as possible. Prior to Windows 10, the Windows Key + E shortcut opened a File Explorer window right to This PC, but now it opens to Quick Access.

Don’t get swapped away this video is for you @Thiojoe


For today this much I will continue to more so, stay tuned to our web so, read those bottom articles


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