Grade 12 result of management and science 2075

So, The Wait is finally over the result of class 12 will be published withing ashad or Shrawan so, using these methods you will be able to check out your results so, be stay tuned and don’t get turned off .you can visit our website and you will be easily able to access the result or you can check your result from your android/pc device.

Grade 12 result date 2075

How to check the result of grade 12 result:

so, using these methods you can check your results when the result of grade 12 will be published.

  1. Visit:NEB WEBSITE
  3. visit:hseb
  4. visit:Sparrow

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Most asked questions about NEB result 2075:

Grade 12 result

  • Do the result of the science and management publishes at the same date and time

And the answer is No the NEB result of science is published before the result of management and after 1 week or 1 month the result of NEB of management faculty is published

  • When will the result of NEB grade 12 will be published?

Its not decided but when the results are published you can check out from your android device and its gateway from sparrow sms

Type NEB Symbol No. and send SMS to 35001

  • What are the charges of getting result using sparrow sms

It takes nrs 5/ for each so,you can check out from our website we will help you get that for free and you will be able to distribute sweets hah just kidding

  • Is there any other ways to check?

And the answer is yes you can check using the IVR service and how can i do that then this method will help you from step by step:

call 1601 and do as instructions


so, from them which method will you use to get your results and best of luck for your result and please don’t forget to your friends, families, and to whom who cares you


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