hey, guys whats up today i will enlist the way so, you will be able to verify Adsense without PIN.So, Adsense sends the pin to the post office with a document having the pin but what will you do when you don’t have any access to it after requesting 3 PINS then you will need to fill  this kind of form

verify adsense in nepal without pin 2018

so, that kind of text message you will see so, what you should do next you must verify Adsense with a PIN but you don’t have any access to it so, you need to request the Adsense team then only if your payment reaches the threshold you can get the money

Let’s start to get verified without pin

Before starting what things do you need to get verified

  • Adsense admin access
  • You must have requested 3 PIN
  • You must have Citizenship that must enlist your address

how to request for a new Adsense PIN

  1. you must log in to your Adsense panel
  2. You need to click on that gear icon at right and select settings
  3. After loading you will see account information

adsense verification 2018

  • Click on request new PIN

All the PIN are duplicate of the first PIN so, if you have access to the First PIN then you can use it without any delay

Verify Adsense address with national citizenship card or driving license

AS I have enlisted that you can verify it with the help of national citizenship card or driving license or international passport

i have verified my adsense address with national citizenship card it was verified within 2 hours





SO, You can verify your Adsense with national citizenship card and if you have an international passport then you can use it to verify note that you must have sameAdsensee address that you give during PIN request

Some of the easy process to verify adsense with national citizenship card

Before going to this step you must have a scanned national citizenship card then only you can start as i have already scanned my national citizenship card lets go tyo next step .You can use some of the mobile apps

read this too:make your computer superfast


Now you need to follow these steps:

  1. Just go to your adsense panel and log into that
  2. Go to the section of verificatiobn id
  3. You need to fillup that form with true and real details and dont give fake names and details you will not be verified
  4. you need to get publisher id so, grab that unique ID
  5. You will get an option to go to the new tab instead of requesting pin with tons of text
  6. click on upload then upload your photo
  7. click submit
  8. wait for 24 hrs

after that you need to wait then the adsense team will reply within 24 hrs and then once you have verified you can get your money after you will reach to your threshold


so, that was my easy way to verify adsense address without PIN so, you can use these steps inorder to verify your adsense address if you have any quires feel easy and comfortable i am ready to give you a solution in an easy way







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