As we know that smartphones are a bit of everything. You can capture images, listen to a music, play a video surf the internet as well as make calls and you can say that it has the capability just like of computer so, Losing an android device is the worst nightmare one shall have. You have all the contacts of your family, brothers, sisters, Friends so if you will lose you have to resave your phone numbers. And if you have important documents then

this is a worst one so, here we will learn some steps to find our lost or stolen Android device.

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How to track lost or stolen phone


After buying your smartphone you must write down the IMEI number that will help you to track down the thief using these number.


so, store that IMEI number in safe place and another method is by logging into google dashboard

Track android phone in nepal 2018

How IMEI tracking works

IMEI tracking system helps the people when you will submit your form then the police will blacklist it and when the thief enters new sim card then the thief new information is tracked down.


You can download android device manager from below or use this link if you lose your andoid device

Find My Device
Find My Device
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free

Find the lost android 2018


so,if you turn on the sync mode in google photos then when the thief will crack the passcode or pin then when the thief will be on wifi or internet then when the thief will capture his/her photo then the photo will be sync on the google phots after then you can log into your google then you will be able to recognize the thief and using maps timeline then the thief will be caught.



SO,how was my idea using these ideas you can find out the lost devices read other too thank you



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