Introduction On Adorable Home Mod apk 2020

adorable home mod apk, adorable home mod apk ios, adorable home mod apk download, adorable home mod apk 1.6.4, adorable home mod apk revdl, adorable home mod apk unlimited heart, adorable home mod apk 2020, Adorable home mod apk is one of the top trending games in 2020. It was published by HyperBeard and the game is considered HOT TREND at the moment because it received a lot of attention from the worldwide player community and is flooded on famous social networking sites. It is being chosen by many players to enjoy their spare time due to the simple but very interesting gameplay.  Adorable home is a simulation game that is combined with a real lifestyle. It is currently released in the Google Play Store as well as App Store for free. More than 5 million people are playing this game and it has 4.4 ratings out of 5 in the Google Play Store. At the beginning of the game, you have to choose a character who will represent you and a character to be your mate. The story of the game revolves around the life of a married young couple where they will form a real family with their cat. The cute and friendly appearance of the cats in this game will definitely make you feel extremely excited. If you are a pet lover then Adorable home is the best one for you. If you want to unlock all the features of the game, you have to download mod apk.

Features of Adorable home apk 2020 latest version:

  • The excellent GamePlay of Adorable home makes it more special to play.
  • The simple and smooth controls of the game allow you to play easily.
  • You can customize your space by customizing your furniture, your garden, boxes and more.
  • It is a free game which means you can play this game without purchasing it.
  • Love is the in-game currency that you can earn by watching TV, taking good care of your pets, preparing food, and watching video ads.
  • You can take care of your adorable pet by cutting their nails, bathing and stroking them.
  • The game allows you to be a good partner by prepare bento boxes that you will buy from the shop by spending love.
  • You will get unlimited love in the game.
  • The simple 2D graphics used in the game helps you to enjoy in a better way.
  • The game helps you to write your own love story.

Adorable Home Mod Apk 2020 Features

  • Customize your space

🔥Download Adorable Home Mod Apk 2020 v1.6.4(Unlimited Hearts)

customize your space

Here in this game, you can put your own designing skill in the decoration of the house and try to make it as lovely, adorable and beautiful as you can. You are able to customize anything here in your house such as furniture, boxes, your garden, trees, flowers, swings, etc. Customize your house according to your imagination and let your house become more attractive and amazing in order to earn more love.

  • Unlimited Currency

🔥Download Adorable Home Mod Apk 2020 v1.6.4(Unlimited Hearts)

Unlimited Currency

The only love in the game is a currency that you will be going to provide in any activity you do. Generally currency in the game is used for paying anything that you are going to use further. But you don’t have to worry about money because the mod version of Adorable Home provides you unlimited money i.e. your love. So in the game, you can freely shop anything you want for you and your home and able to pay easily for everything.

  • Take care of your adorable pets and make them happy

🔥Download Adorable Home Mod Apk 2020 v1.6.4(Unlimited Hearts)

adorable pets and make them happy

While playing the Adorable Home game, the main thing you have to do is taking care of your pets. First of all in the name of pet you will have a cat named Snow. As you level up your game you will get other pets such as dogs and birds. You have to take care of your pets in three different ways so that they look better than before.

  1. Cut their Nails: In order to cut the cat’s nails, you have to swipe the screen. But it’s difficult to cut as the usually move their paws. So be sure and don’t try to hurt them otherwise they will be angry with you.
  2. Bathing: Generally the pets don’t want to take a bath. If you forced them for taking bath they may be annoyed and angry which makes it a difficult task among others in this Adorable Home. Here you have to tilt the screen so that you can adjust the temperature of the shower and bathe the cat easily.
  3. Stroking: It is the simplest task among these three.  You only have to do is know the position that your cats want to be in and stroke in that way.
  • Be a good partner

🔥Download Adorable Home Mod Apk 2020 v1.6.4(Unlimited Hearts)

good partner

As you take care of your house and pets, you also have to take care of your partners too. You have to prepare bento boxes for your partners as it works all the day for you. You can create the bento boxes for it by buying food with the help of loves you have. You can earn more loves by providing the food you have to your partner as it loves your food eating. So try to be a good partner and provide the necessary thing to your partner.

  • Decorate Your Home

🔥Download Adorable Home Mod Apk 2020 v1.6.4(Unlimited Hearts)

Decorate Your Home

At the start, when you first move to your home, it doesn’t come with enough facilities. You have to buy the required furniture with other necessaries such as a sofa, a rug, a television, a coffee table, etc. Ignore the other places but do not focus too much on the house. Tyr to unlock other places like garden instantly with the help of 3000 loves (money). After buying the garden you can decorate it by buying some garden decorations such as tree, flowers, swings, etc.

  • Extremely Cute Animated Graphics and Relaxing Soundtrack

🔥Download Adorable Home Mod Apk 2020 v1.6.4(Unlimited Hearts) In the context of its graphics, the game comes with simple, cute, and comic 2D graphics in which every detail comes with meticulously and carefully by Hyper-Beard. From top to bottom such as the cats, the trees, the garden, the house, the interior of the house to dishes all comes with cute graphics. The pictures in the game are in relax-able and comfortable designs with beautiful scenery, space and everything to keep the player’s stay with the game.  Adorable Home also provides sweet, peaceful, soft and funny deep background music for the players to give them melodious experience while playing the game. Generally, when you hear the sound coming from pets when they become happy or angry, then it’s the best feeling you have felt ever. Besides these, the game comes with many more beautiful and pretty characters with cute and realistic movements. The games become more authentic with them.

Updated mod on mod apk

Download Adorable mod apk 2020 latest

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Adorable Home
Price: Free+
NameAdorable Home
Compatible with4.4
Latest version1.6.4
Google play linkcom.hyperbeard.adorablehome

How to Download and Install adorable home mod apk on Android? If you are struggling while downloading the adorable home mod apk download, then you don’t have to worry about it. We are here to help you. You just have to follow the basic following instructions for downloading the game on your Android Device.

  1. First, you have to search for the adorable home mod apk 2020, on google. You will find many websites that provide apk.
  2. Then download the apk from one of the websites and wait for a couple of minutes to download the apk.
🔥Download Adorable Home Mod Apk 2020 v1.6.4(Unlimited Hearts)


  1. Once your game is downloaded now search for the apk file in the download folder of your device.
  2. After that, you have to click the install button. Then it will start installing.
  3. But sometimes the Apk will not install. So you have to allow the device to install the apk from an unknown source from settings.
  4. Now, your apk will start installing. It will take a couple of minutes to install the apk on your device.
    🔥Download Adorable Home Mod Apk 2020 v1.6.4(Unlimited Hearts)


  5. I hope you installed the game successfully on your Android Device. Enjoy the world’s best race game now.
How to Download and Install adorable home mod apk unlimited heart, on PC?

If you guys are searching for such an article that will help you to download and install Adorable home mod apk  on PC then you have landed on the perfect article. Here we are going to provide you some tips through which you can play Adorable home mod on your PC enjoying a lot. Grimsoul hack apk  on your desktops/pc can make you feel amazing. But the worst thing is that installing the game on your PC can be a big risk for you and your computer too. But we have a solution for it too. Here we are going to use Bluestacks through which you can play any android game easily on PC. It is the easiest one to use Android Emulator out there. Follow the simple basic steps below and go through it so you will get your apk installed on your pc:

  1. At first, download Bluestack Emulator on your PC.
  2. Then install the application by following all the screen instructions.
  3. Now the sign-up or sign-in the process starts. You have to sign in if you already have a bluestack account otherwise you can go for sign up and make a new one.
  4. Now download the Adorable home hack latest.
  5. At last, you just have to drag and drop the apk file to your bluestacks and you are all done. Through this, you will get the application installed on your computer.
  6. Enjoy the world’s best race game now!

What do other users of Adorable  home  apk obb says:

 1st user: 

I like it so much!!! And I honestly want to say that, this game are really addictive!! To the point that you want to had a lot of games included. And I just want to say that, if you added a kitchen where we can cook our foods rather than buying. Added some room where we can change the character’s cloth. A room where we can change the color of the wall like that. And an ideal room where we can also check if our cats are fine or it had a flu. Please creator add this one to that game!!!!

 2nd user: 

I enjoyed playing the game very much. I can renovate my place however I like with the items in the store. Being able to play with my cats is also fun. But sometimes my items or furniture would suddenly dissapear in my lounge, tho there are not totally gone. I can still see them in the storage but I cant see them in my lounge. I think its a bug. I can still see them after a while but it would be better if that woudn’t happen. Overall its a great game. (pls excuse my wrong grammar if there is any)

 3rd user: 

I actually love the game apparently, its not that flexible. It’s limited. I wish you could redesign the living room, change the position of the furnitures and stuffs, rename your pet, and be able to walk around. Also, adding daily activities to gain more hearts will make it more fun. One more thing, zoom in and zoom out would be great too.

Download Adorable Home mod apk latest hack :

Here you can Adorable Home mod apk 2020,without worries here we serve you high speed downloading links so,you can follow those mentioned steps in order to download so without wasting your time lets begin:

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we have gave mod apk so,you need to go and after that download those mods and obb and install them in your device then you are ready to go.

Why Adorable Home Mod Apk 2020 is the best one for pet lovers? 

It is one of the best and popular modern Simulation game. There are lots of reason for Adorable home to be the best game of 2020. You will find unlimited love in the game. You also get unlimited love when you second time login in the game. It helps you to buy anything form shop for free. You can make your home beautiful with all the amenities and by decorating all these things in such a way that it looks beautiful.  The game allows you to adjust the temperature of the shower and you can also bath your cat by just tilting the screen of your mobile phone. The interior of the game and characters used in this game are very beautiful. The well depicted visual is used in this game. The  graphics of the game makes it more special. It has relatively light and deep background music which gives players melodious and sweet music experience during playing the game. You will always feel extremely excited through the extremely cute and friendly appearance of the cat in the game. The game allows you to decorate the interior of the house by buying the necessary items. The game is made in such a way that you will never be bored while playing this game due to the lives of the characters in the game are smooth. It become the favourite of many people in short period of time due to it’s wonderful features.  

Official Adorable home apk video:


Few Faq for latest mods:

Do I need a rooted android phone to install this mod?

Let me tell you, most visitors on my site always ask me if they need to root their Android phone to install the mod apk or not. Guys, you do not have to root your phone to install this monster legends mod   It is a modded apk version, so you do not have to clutter or edit the game data using the root explorer. Which means you do not need a rooted device.

How much memory is required in order to install this mod?

If you wish to install this mod in your device then you need to have or clear up space as pointed above

Are your Mods Virus Free?

Yes,we have mods which are virus free,Your system may block but you can turn it off even if you have any doubt let us know through contact us we will give you full report thanks

Can we hack this game with Lucky Patcher ?

Yes,You can hack this game with lucky patcher but in this scenario who goes through Luckypatcher so,here we provider full working mods

Do you update these mods?

Yes as soon as games get updated we update these games.

Is phantomroshan best place for mods?

Haha, I think yes because here you can get all working mods for free

Conclusion on adorable home hack apk

Adorable Home Mod Apk 2020 is full of enjoyment and a lots of fun. It’s going to the best one for small kids and pet lovers. Once you have entered the game you will be never going to quite the game. Read the complete article so that it could be easy for you to getting the game faster and effectively. If you have any doubt about the game you can ask us in the comment box below. Hope you have enjoyed while reading the article. Have a good day enjoy the game.