Computer virus and Prevention methods



Computer virus are the small malicious programs that will infect the normal and basic functioning of the system.Examples of computer virus are

  1. Timebomb
  2. I love you
  3. aids
  4. c-brain
  5. Logic bomb etc

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Symptoms of computer virus are:

computer virus

  1. Viruses reduce the memory space of the computer
  2. viruses change the size of the computer files
  3. viruses change the extension of the files
  4. viruses may slow down the computer systems and reduce the ability of the computer to work
  5. virus show the unusual error messages on the computer screen
  6. Due to computer viruses our computer takes a long time to book and hangs the computer frequently
  7. DUE to computer viruses disk drives such as c;/,D: do not open  when we double click on that
  8. Viruses may shutdo9wn the computer during working
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Means of spreading computer virus

computer virus are the program that transmit from one computer to another with these ways:

  • Internet
  • email
  • floppy disk
  • usb pendrive
  • cd/dvd
  • external harddisk
  • pirated softwares and games
  • Bluetooth

Methods for the protectection of the computer virus

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Some of the tips inorder to protect ourself from those creepy virus are as follows:

  • Install an antivirus software from a well reputed company
  • protect your computer with password so,that an unauthorised person will not be able to log intop your computer and then your computer will be safe ab\nd secure
  • Dont use any pirated software because most probability is the softwares come with backdoor and they also infect your computer with the malicious files
  • update the computer regularly because the software companies provides software and virus definition uydates so,you can be safe from different virus and malicious malwares
  • Scan the usb before opening the usb drive and transferring the computer files
  • If you dont have any software to scan the youy may use virustotal to scan the files
  • Dont download any programs from unknown websites  of the internet unless you confirm that you it is secure
  • Dont open anjy Email attachement d\files before scanning
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Popular antivirus

  • Quick heal
  • avg
  • Eset nod 32
  • Kaspersky etc
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computer virus

so,i think you have an idea on the computer virus and their prevention methods so,if you follow thesed steps you can secure your computer from any viruses

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