You’ve come to the right place if you’re new to Destiny 2 and need guidance on which weapons are worth using. Our Destiny 2 Exotic tier list is designed to assist players like you in making informed decisions. It ranks all the weapons in the game, providing a concise and simplified overview of their effectiveness. With this guide, you’ll be able to identify the top-tier weapons and improve your gameplay quickly.

Are you a new player trying to determine which weapons are worth using in Destiny 2? Well, you’re in luck! Our Destiny 2 Exotic tier list is here to guide you.

This guide categorizes all the weapons from S tier (the best) to D tier (the worst). By focusing on S and A tiers, you can ensure that you have a strong loadout and perform well in the game. We’ll also explain what each tier means, giving you a better understanding of their rankings.

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Destiny 2 Exotic Tier List

Before diving into the tier list, let’s take a moment to understand how our ranking system operates, enabling you to grasp the information provided easily. Simplifying it for clarity, our tiering system classifies items into different tiers based on their qualities. With this in mind, let’s proceed to the tier list.

What Do Our Tiers Mean?

Explanations of each tier are:

S Tier:

The top-tier weapons represent the finest selection in the game. Unlocking and enhancing these weapons should be your utmost priority. A single weapon from this tier possesses the capability to accompany you throughout the entire game. At the same time, a complete party armed with them can effortlessly conquer most of the endgame challenges. Just make sure to concentrate on bolstering their power.

A Tier:

If your collection is missing top-tier weapons, A-tier options can be a good choice to fill those gaps. These weapons possess their strengths and are deemed great in their regard. However, compared to S-tier weapons, they may lack that extra power or versatility. Utilize A-tier weapons when necessary, but try to replace them with stronger options whenever possible.

B Tier:

In the beginning stages of the game, you will probably depend on one top-tier character and a group of mid-tier characters. Obtaining these weapons is relatively straightforward, and while they are decent, they are not particularly special. You should replace them with higher-tier weapons, but there’s no need to feel embarrassed about using them when necessary.

C Tier:

When we delve into the realm of ‘bad characters,’ we encounter the C tiers. Similar to the D tiers, these are some of the weakest weapons in the game. However, they do possess specific uses in certain scenarios. It’s important to examine their abilities closely and evaluate their effectiveness accordingly.

D Tier:

Weapons in this tier are not worth using. They are the weakest options in the game, with significant balancing problems, and will consistently underperform in all game modes. It’s best to avoid using them whenever possible.

S Tier


Check out these incredibly powerful weapons considered among the best in the world. These remarkable tools possess extraordinary capabilities and can significantly impact various scenarios. They are specifically designed to deliver exceptional performance and guarantee success.

With their unmatched features and functionalities, these weapons are undeniably top-tier. So, brace yourself for a shortened yet captivating exploration of these God-tier armaments.

  • Divinity – Trace Rifle
  • Agers Scepter – Trace Rifle
  • Vex Mythoclast – Fusion Rifle
  • Ace of Spades – Hand Cannon
  • The Chaperone – Shotgun
  • 1k Voices – Fusion Rifle
  • The Lament – Sword
  • Gjallajorn – Rocket Launcher
  • Heir Apparent – Machine Gun
  • Ariana’s Vow – Hand Cannon
  • Witherhoard – Grenade Launcher
  • Osteo Striga – SMG
  • Trinity Ghoul – Combat Bow
  • Conditional Finality – Shotgun
  • Wicked Implement Catalyst
  • Wicked Implement Scout Rifle

A Tier


Solid weapons can be a boon for your party when you lack top-tier S-ranked options. These formidable tools come in handy to fill those gaps and ensure your team remains balanced and effective.

With their unique abilities and versatile features, these weapons bring a fresh and exciting twist to your gameplay. Engage and captivate your audience with an improved version that grabs their attention while conveying the same message as the original content. Remember, keep it concise but impactful!

  • The Last Word – Hand Cannon
  • Wardcliff Coil – Rocket Launcher
  • Hawkmoon – Hand Cannon
  • Eyes of Tomorrow – Rocket Launcher
  • Izanagi’s Burden – Sniper Rifle
  • Travelers Chosen – Sidearm
  • Sturm (PVP) – Hand Cannon
  • Cloudstrike – Sniper Rifle
  • Dead Man’s Tale – Scout Rifle
  • JΓΆtunn – Fusion Rifle
  • Bastion – Fusion Rifle
  • Dead Messenger-Grenade Launcher
  • Deathbringer – Rocket Launcher
  • Xenophage – Machine Gun
  • Huckleberry – SMG
  • Thunderlord – Machine Gun
  • Outbreak Perfected – Pulse Rifle
  • Thorn – Hand Cannon
  • MIDA – Scout Rifle
  • Forerunner – Sidearm
  • Duality – Shotgun
  • Sleeper Simulant – Linear Fusion Rifle
  • Sunshot – Hand Cannon
  • Whisper of the Worm – Sniper Rifle
  • Monte Carlo – Auto Rifle
  • Anarchy – Grenade Launcher
  • Rat King – Sidearm
  • Wavesplitter – Trace Rifle
  • Crimson – Hand Cannon
  • Lorentz Driver – Linear Fusion Rifle
  • Riskrunner – SMG
  • No Time to Explain – Pulse Rifle
  • Verglas Curve – Combat Bow
  • Centrifuse – Auto Rifle


B Tier


These weapons may seem powerful initially, but their effectiveness diminishes as you progress. While there is no need to feel embarrassed about using them, replacing them with S and A-tier weapons as you unlock them is advisable.

  • Ticuu’s Divination – Combat Bow
  • The Colony – Grenade Launcher
  • The Fourth Horseman – Shotgun
  • Hard Light – Auto Rifle
  • Symmetry – Scout Rifle
  • Black Talon – Sword
  • Bad Juju – Pulse Rifle
  • Vigilance Wing – Pulse Rifle
  • Arbalest – Linear Fusion Rifle
  • Merciless – Fusion Rifle
  • Wish-Ender – Combat Bow
  • Tractor Cannon – Shotgun
  • Tommy’s Matchbook – Auto Rifle
  • Polaris Lance – Scout Rifle
  • Lord of Wolves – Shotgun
  • Ruinous Effigy – Trace Rifle
  • Malfeasance – Hand Cannon
  • Sky Burner’s Oath – Scout Rifle
  • Legend of Acrius – Shotgun
  • Parasite- Grenade Launcher
  • Lumina – Hand Cannon
  • Fighting Lion – Grenade Launcher
  • The Queenbreaker – Linear Fusion Rifle
  • Final Warning – Sidearm
  • Winter bite – Glaive
  • The Navigator – Trace Rifle


C Tier


In some game modes or at the start, weapons in this tier can perform exceptionally well. However, they are mostly ineffective overall.

  • Prometheus Lens – Trace Rifle
  • Coldheart – Trace Rifle
  • Borealis – Sniper Rifle
  • Leviathan’s Breath – Combat Bow
  • Cerberus+1 – Auto Rifle
  • Worldine Zero – Sword
  • Truth – Rocket Launcher
  • The Prospector – Grenade Launcher
  • D.A.R.C.I. – Sniper Rifle
  • The Jade Rabbit – Scout Rifle
  • Deterministic Chaos – Machine Gun


D Tier


Players should avoid selecting D-tier characters whenever possible, as they are generally ineffective in all game modes and at any stage of the game. These characters do not measure up in terms of usefulness and performance. By steering clear of them, players can greatly improve their chances of success.

  • Graviton Lance – Pulse Rifle
  • Crosethia 77k – Sidearm
  • Two-Tailed Fox – Rocket Launcher
  • Sweet Business – Auto Rifle
  • Salvation’s Grip – Grenade Launcher

Destiny 2 Exotic Tier List FAQ

Are you unsure about our tier list or have questions about Destiny 2? Let our tier list guide you!

How Did We Select Our Destiny 2 Exotic Tier List?

Our Destiny 2 Exotic tier list draws upon various sources and our personal experience with the game. This list is subjective, but we strive to provide accurate rankings.

To determine these rankings, we thoroughly test the weapons in-game (if available) and analyze their skill descriptions and raw statistics. As a result, our tier list may undergo frequent changes during the initial stages of a game’s release as we continue to gather data and refine our evaluations.

We also consider community feedback from platforms like Reddit when assessing the strengths or weaknesses of specific weapons. This input from the community helps us maintain a certain level of objectivity in our tier list.

It’s important to remember that tier lists are inherently subjective. Your personal experience may differ greatly from ours, so it’s wise to approach it skeptically.

When Do We Update Our Destiny 2 Exotic Tier List?

Our Destiny 2 Exotic tier list will be regularly updated to include any new weapons introduced. There may be a slight delay as we must test the characters before updating the list.

Additionally, whenever a major balance patch is released, we will update the tier list to reflect any changes in the meta. This may cause a brief delay as we experiment with the adjustments and revise our rankings.

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