Divine Knockout Tier List

In the quest to discover the top gods in Divine Knockout, we present you the DKO tier list. This list aims to provide an accurate ranking of all the fighters in the game, serving as a solid foundation for players to identify their preferred playstyle and select their favorite gods to secure more victories.

Divine Knockout, developed by the esteemed Hi-Rez Studios, has taken the gaming world by storm.

This thrilling fighting game, a breakaway from the conventional 2D titles saturating the market, showcases Hi-Rez Studios’s innovative and creative prowess, the masterminds behind the widely popular MOBA game SMITE. Just as they did with their MOBA hit, Hi-Rez Studios infused this game with their signature twist, captivating players and enthralling them from the get-go.

Drawing inspiration from esteemed titles like Rivals of Aether, Brawl Stars, and Brawhalla boasts a unique roster of characters. Many of these characters are derived from the legendary gods of SMITE, granting players a sense of familiarity and ensuring an enjoyable journey through our condensed DKO tier list below.

Please note that the game is still in its early stages, so tier lists created on day 0 should be taken cautiously. Now, let’s proceed to our Divine Knockout tier list before you run out of patience:

Divine Knockout Tier List Wiki Gods Guide

The tier list below categorizes the gods into different tiers, such as SS, S, A, B, and C, based on their stats, abilities, and more. The SS-tier represents essential gods for maximizing profits, while the C-tier consists of the weakest Divine Knockout gods.

Gods Tier List Rank

SS-TIERSol King-Arthur
S-TIERAmaterasu Sun-Wukong Athena Loki
A-TIERThanatos Zeus
B-TIERIzanami Susano Thor
C-TIERHercules Ymir

SS-Tier Gods (OP Gods)


Sol is an exceptional S-tier character due to her distinctive and formidable abilities, greatly enhancing your gameplay. Whether it’s countering other characters or excelling in various game modes, Sol is the perfect choice. Moreover, her exceptional healing skills add a layer of versatility to her gameplay. Once you grasp the mechanics of Sol, you can wield her powers to their full potential.

King Arthur

King Arthur stands out among our listings, possessing one of the most formidable spikes in the game. Not only that, but his exceptional stun ability proves to be highly effective at incapacitating opponents. Nonetheless, when you optimize his build, you can unlock a plethora of advantageous perks. So, with the right strategy, he can genuinely deliver impressive results.

S-Tier Gods (Best Gods)


Amaterasu is an excellent option for numerous reasons. One of the main ones is her decisive move called “The Rage Quit,” which allows for a massive combo. Her top-notch spikes make her highly adaptable and practical when dealing with substantial damage. Moreover, her increased survival ability makes her even more deserving of inclusion in our recommended lineup. Overall, Amaterasu is an excellent choice!

Sun Wukong

Sun Wukong is an exceptional character with a meticulously crafted kit that presents numerous chances to outplay opponents. This remarkable hero possesses excellent power and a range of impressive abilities.


Athena is a remarkable character in this game with a powerful Perry ability. Perfectly timed, she can counter every opponent in the game.


Loki possesses absolute powers, yet his skill cap falls significantly short compared to other characters. Nevertheless, his dodge ability packs an undeniable punch, establishing him as the ultimate choice among Divine Knockout gods.

A-Tier Gods (Good Gods)

The gods in this tier have potent buffs that can significantly enhance your ability to defeat enemies. Utilizing these gods will give you valuable advantages, especially in the game’s early stages. Their unique abilities and attributes make them an excellent choice for boosting your progress.

  • Thanatos
  • Zeus

B-Tier Gods (Average Gods)

Here is a list of gods that may not be as efficient as others but can still help defeat enemies in the game. If you don’t have any of the above gods, you can choose one from the list below to explore the game. However, not using these gods for battles and against bosses is recommended.

  • Izanami
  • Susano
  • Thor

C-Tier Gods (Weakest Gods)

Here rests the unworthy gods, who possess weaker abilities than those mentioned above. They should not be considered when aiming to advance or engage in fights within the game. Please note that they are not recommended for progression.

  • Hercules
  • Ymir


It offers valuable insights into the strength and effectiveness of each character in the game. Although it may not be an absolute guide and can be subject to changes and personal preferences, the tier list is a handy resource for players seeking to enhance their gameplay and triumph over their adversaries. Also, don’t forget to explore the Last Cloudia Tier List!

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