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Facebook Friends Mapper Apk

Facebook Friends Mapper is an app that allows you to download your Facebook friends list. This is great for people who want access to their friends’ contact information in case they need it or if they are looking for someone specific.
MOD Info
  • Able to access hidden profiles
  • Restrict display of messages

Facebook Friends Mapper Apk:

New Facebook Friends Mapper Apk gives users an edge to monitor all the details they share on their profiles and control privacy settings. Now you can restrict messages, images, videos from being displayed for anyone else who uses your account.

We’ve secretly ranked our friends’ personal information before but this isn’t enough anymore! Just a week ago a new Chrome extension was released that lets everyone see what list of people are in secret “friend” groups with other colleagues.

The newest version of this app has a user-friendly interface and doesn’t require any additional permissions, unlike other apps that may ask for too many permissions. It also supports both the Google Play store as well as APK files from third parties, so there’s no need to get confused about which one should be downloaded.

How does this Facebook Friends Mapper Apk extension for Chrome work?

Facebook’s Friends Mapper Chrome extension is an easy way to find out who your friend’s secret friends are. It takes advantage of the fact that Facebook adds mutual friendships as friends in order to gather and publish information on their lists.

Suppose you have a few but very special friends, like Mark Zuckerberg for example. You might not be included on his list since he doesn’t share it with anyone–including THN himself! However, if one of those non-mutual “friends” happens to know someone they both do (like me), then I can use facebook’s tool Facesmash/FriendsMapper Google chrome plugin or application.

How to use Facebook Friends Mapper extension for Chrome?

  • Download and install FB friends mapper extension and reboot to see secret friends list.
  • Go to profile of your friends there you will get button to see hidden friends list
  • click on that you can reveal all lists.
Those extension may be vulnerable so you need to use it in another browser and don’t misuse it we are not responsible for the things you do!

Facebook Friend Mapper

  • Download from chrome store Facebook Buddies Mapper Chrome extension
  • Add the chrome extension
  • Login your facebook account
  • Open your target’s URL or facebook profile.
  • Now press reveal friends option
  • Chrome extension will start finding friends in the profile
  • there you will see all names from target account
  • This may take few minutes have patience!


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The FAQs about Facebook Friends Mapper App

FAQ on facebook friends mapper apps which are listed by phantomroshan so,check it out before downloading your apk:

Is Mapper safe on Facebook?

Facebook Friends Mapper is a Chrome extension that allows you to quickly and easily generate lists of your Facebook friends, their email addresses, phone numbers which cannot be safe on facebook as it reveals identity.

Is Mapper still in existence with Facebook friends?

With Facebook Friends Mapper, you can see who in your social circle is sharing their private info on the site – and stop them from doing it. The Chrome addon is free to install so be sure to give this a go if you’re concerned about privacy settings!

Where is my friend’s map on Facebook?

The program Where My Friends can be linked to Facebook. In a minute or two, it will show you where all your friends are on Google maps based off of their location in relation to yours and how far away they are from each other.

The names for the pins that represent people’s locations appear when you hover over them with your cursor or click on them but may disappear after a few seconds so make sure not miss any!

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