How to put HTTPS on a custom domain in Google Blogger

Put custom domain in google blogger:

Congratulations to the blogger team that they have facilitated the installation of HTTPS / Free SSL certificate / Free SSL Certificate on the custom domain. You will now be able to apply a free SSL certificate to your custom domain blog. Which means your blog will open on HTTPS instead of HTTP. Previously this feature was only available for blogspot sub-domains. Webmasters using Google Bloggers could not use SSL certificates This feature is being provided through Let’s Encrypt.


what do you think what is SSL?

The Secure Socket Layer is summarized in SSL, which guarantees the safety of your blog. Online personal information or money is required to keep your information safe, so a secure connection is needed. SSL Certificates This works, which creates an encrypted connection / encrypted connection between the user and the web server. So that no third person can get that information.If you have SSL certificates on a website, then it opens on HTTPS. But if a site is making false SSL certificates or HTTPS connections and its certificate is not validated then the web browser shows the warning message.

HTTPS error-phantomroshan

why HTTPS connection is required?

Sites with SSL certificates give little benefit to Google search engine ranking. So you can leave your competitors behind. Before implementing HTTPS Connection on the blog, note some things:

  1. You will have to resubmit the blog in Google search console as well as sitemap because your site’s URL will be like
  2. You have to move the images on the non-SSL host to the SSL host on the blog. That is, every image URL should start with https and not http from
  3. You have to change all blog widgets which are on a non-SSL host.
  4. Traffic can be reduced on the blog for a few days. Google will index all your pages again. Therefore, do not leave any scope for error while switching.
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how to enable HTTPS for free in custom domain

  1. Log into your blogger dashboard
  2. select the blog which you want to choose for https connection

Blogger PhantomRoshan Latest Android Tricks and Tips All posts[ads1] go to settings>>basic>HTTPS

Blogger PhantomRoshan Latest Android Tricks and Tips All posts on HTTPS avability

take premimum hosting wont you

5.Then goto HTTPS redirect

Blogger PhantomRoshan Latest Android Tricks and Tips Basic settings


Turning this option on will redirect HTTP traffic to HTTPS. Congratulations! You have used HTTPS / Free SSL certificate / Free SSL Certificate on a custom domain while using a Blogger blog. Now surely your blog’s search engine rank will increase and blogs will be safe for the users. Now share your blog with your social media and friends by placing your blog up to date.

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