How to get top level domain for free(Updated 2019)

Introduction on top-level domain for free:

Hey guys,If you are searching for top level domain for free then this post might help you get it for free as I have got I will show you a way by following that you will get not .com,.co or any other extension domain but you will get .ooo<triple o>

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triple o domain IMG from wikipedia

Img from wikipedia

SO,there you can see as a proof that it is a top level domain so,I will show you all the steps that you can follow up and check them out.So,should i begin to get top level domain for free lets start.

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Steps to get top level domain


:You need to got to this link:Click me

top level domain for free 2018

top level domain for free 2018

so,this is the homepage of Buy.OOO domain here you can register your domain so,start searching from there <>

Step 2:

So,just search from there your desired name we will search and just press enter and wait for a while

Step 3:

so,you will see this after you will search so,you can search that after then you just press select for 1 year we will get this only for one year ok

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top level domain in nepal for free 2018

step 4:

This is the way you can get top level domain for free now you need to register with you gmail account now register with that.


Step 5:

Now you have registered with them you will get confirmation mail within some minutes

just wait for it until you will get mail from then you can get your desired domain for free so,thats it how i get top level doamin without paying them a single penny to then after wards you need to pay them some money to continue

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So,how was my article on get top level domain for free in 2018 be sure to check it out any and comment down if you have some problems

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