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GMD Immersive Pro

With a few taps on your phone, you can hide the status bar and navigation bars with GMD Immersive Pro Apk full-screen immersive mode. This lightweight program will not require rooting to get started quickly. You’ll be able to configure how it works from within its settings menu but there are some things (such as aesthetic ones) that have to be paid for in order to access them all fully.

App NameGMD Immersive Pro Apk
PublisherGMD Immersive
Size 150M
Latest VersionUpdated
Mod Infofull screen
MOD Info
  • Full screen

GMD Immersive Pro Apk:

With a few taps on the screen, you can hide your device’s status bar and navigation bars to experience an intuitive interface with GMD Full-Screen Immersive Mode. You have many options for how much of it comes back from its settings menu but most design changes require a purchase.

GMD Full Screen Immersive Mode 1.5

Let me tell you about the speed of GMD and function time. This app’s emulator only works with Android KitKat or higher, but it is fast downloading and installing on your phone! Let me also explain that this has a very large selection of apps such as complete edition games, movies etc., so wait for it to download.

GMD immersive pro key apk download

Immersive Mode is a new feature for the Samsung Galaxy S6 that makes it easier to use your device. The menu button cannot be used, either.

You are clicking on the icon in order to deactivate extended desktop mode and pick whether you want transparent or secret status bars instead of having them both visible all at once (this option does not apply if you have disabled extending). Fortunately, Immersive Mode has gotten more feasible with Immerse Me as well as other apps available through Xposed Installer Download – which will allow any user who installs this app can get started right away!

The Application in Play Store

In any program or game, full-screen immersive mode. Press and hold the Power key until you get the power menu, then tap Expanded Desktop to allow an expanded desktop.
In full-screen mode in games or programs like Word processors that don’t support this feature on phones: – The keyboard cannot function when a concealed browser bar is shown (I also programmed it so maybe its good enough for Immersive Mode).

Features of GMD Immersive Pro Apk

  • Hide bar or display
  • Navigation bar of stock
  • You can change the notification widget easily anywhere
  • change current widgets
  • Fullscreen
  • Color,size,position or transparency trigger change or full deletion of the trigger

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