Honkai Star Rail Light Cones Tier List

The Honkai Star Rail Light Cone tier list is crucial for maximizing your character’s power in the game. It offers a variety of customization options, with Light Cones playing a significant role. Equipping a Light Cone boosts the HP, ATK, and DEF stats and provides a passive ability if it corresponds to the character’s Path.

Choosing the right Light Cone can be challenging due to the vast selection available. To help you make an informed decision, we have compiled a concise Honkai Star Rail Light Cone tier list categorized by Path type.

honkai star rail light tier list

Path of Abundance Light Cone tier list

TierLight Cone
SEchoes of the Coffin
Post-Op Conversation
Shared Feeling
Time Waits for No One
AWarmth Shortens Cold Nights
Quid Pro Quo
BPerfect Timing
CFine Fruit

Best Path of Abundance Light Cone

Echoes of the Coffin stands out as the unrivaled 5-star Path of Abundance Light Cone. Its undeniable superiority becomes evident upon closer inspection.

This extraordinary accessory amplifies the wearer’s ATK by a staggering 24% and possesses a formidable passive ability.

With every strike that connects with an adversary, Echoes of the Coffin replenishes 3 Energy points. Its remarkable prowess is truly unmatched.

Path of Destruction Light Cone tier list

TierLight Cone
SThe Unreachable Side
Something Irreplaceable
On the Fall of an Aeon
AThe Moles Welcome You
Under the Blue Sky
Woof! Walk Time!
Nowhere to Run
BA Secret Vow
Collapsing Sky
CMutual Demise
Shattered Home

Best Path of Destruction Light Cone

The Unreachable Side is our top pick for the best Path of Destruction Light Cone in Honkai Star Rail.

This LC enhances the wearer’s CRIT Rate and max HP by 18% and provides a passive ability that amplifies their DMG by 24% whenever they come under attack.

If you’re curious about the various Paths and Damage types in Honkai Star Rail, it might be worth exploring a concise overview for more insight.

Path of Erudition Light Cone tier list

TierLight Cone
SBefore Dawn
Night on the Milky Way
Today is Another Peaceful Day
AGeniuses' Repose
The Seriousness of Breakfast
The Birth of the Self
BMake the World Clamor
Data Bank

Best Path of Erudition Light Cone

Our selection for the top Path of Erudition Light Cone is Before Dawn, renowned for its exceptional burst damage potential.

With a staggering 36% increase in CRIT DMG for the wearer and a boost of 18% to Skill and Ultimate DMG, this artifact truly packs a punch. Moreover, whenever a Skill or Ultimate is deployed, it activates the remarkable Somnus Corpus effect.

This effect is sacrificed upon triggering a subsequent attack yet rewards the attack with an impressive 48% DMG boost. In sum, Before Dawn is a formidable choice for those seeking immense damage output.

Path of Harmony Light Cone tier list

TierLight Cone
SBut the Battle Isn't Over
ACarve the Moon, Weave the Clouds
Memories of the Past
Dance! Dance! Dance!
Past and Future
BPlanetary Rendezvous
Meshing Cogs

Best Path of Harmony Light Cone

The Path of Harmony Light Cone, known as “But the Battle Isn’t Over,” is the optimal choice for individuals seeking to support their allies.

This incredible weapon enhances the wearer’s Energy Regeneration Rate by 10% and restores a Skill Point whenever their Ultimate ability is activated in favor of an ally.

Additionally, utilizing their Skill will activate a remarkable passive effect; the next ally who takes action will unleash 30% more damage for a single turn. Furthermore, we have provided detailed information on the Honkai Star Rail Pity system, which can be found in our previous article.

Path of Nihility Light Cone tier list

TierLight Cone
SIncessant Rain
In the Name of the World
Good Night and Sleep Well
ABefore the Tutorial Mission Starts
Resolution Shines As Pears of Sweat
BWe Will Meet Again
Eyes of the Prey
Hidden Shadow

Best Path of Nihility Light Cone

The Path of Nihility Light Cone is a powerful weapon for facing a single opponent, especially in intense boss battles.

Its presence elevates the wearer’s Effect Hit Rate by 12% and amplifies its CRIT Rate by 12% when engaging in combat with an enemy suffering from three or more debuffs. On top of that, its passive ability works fascinatingly.

Each time the wearer utilizes a Basic ATK, Skill, or Ultimate, a mysterious Aether Code materializes and attaches itself to a random target.

Remarkably, any target affected by the Aether Code experiences an additional 12% of damage for a single turn. This formidable combination of attributes makes the Path of Nihility Light Cone invaluable in any battle scenario.

Path of Preservation Light Cone tier list

TierLight Cone
SMoment of Victory
Texture of Memories
ALandau's Choice
Day One of My New Life
This Is Me!
Trend of the Universal Market
BWe Are Wildfire

Best Path of Preservation Light Cone

Our top pick for the best Path of Preservation Light Cone is Moment of Victory. This LC boosts the wearer’s DEF and enhances their Effect Hit Rate by 24%. It’s an ideal choice for tanks as well.

The LC’s passive ability increases the likelihood of the wearer being targeted by enemies. Moreover, when they’re attacked, their DEF skyrockets by an additional 24% until the turn ends.

To optimize your performance in Honkai Star Rail, it’s crucial to understand how to increase FPS. Once you’ve generated the best settings, apply them to experience smoother gameplay.

Path of the Hunt Light Cone tier list

TierLight Cone
SIn the Night
Cruising in the Stellar Sea
Sleep Like the Dead
AOnly Silence Remains
Return to Darkness
BRiver Flows in Spring
Subscribe for More!
Darting Arrow

Best Path of the Hunt Light Cone

Our top choice for the finest Path of the Hunt Light Cone is In the Night, which offers a remarkable increase of 18% to the wearer’s CRIT Rate. Additionally, for every 10 SPD surpassing 100, there is a corresponding 6% boost in the DMG of both Basic ATK and Skills, while the Ultimate also receives a significant 12% enhancement. It’s worth noting that these benefits can accumulate up to six times.

Moving on to our comprehensive breakdown of the Honkai Star Rail Light Cone tier list according to Path type, we have provided the most outstanding Light Cone for each Path.

For further assistance and guidance in the latest miHoYo game, explore our Honkai Star Rail homepage, where you can find various helpful guides.

Honkai: Star Rail codes [1.3] [HSR] (August 2023)

Honkai: Star Rail has recently launched, bringing a fresh batch of redeemable codes. These codes are a great way to obtain valuable in-game resources that can significantly assist you. As you delve into Honkai: Star Rail, you’ll quickly realize the importance of collecting and utilizing items. To stay ahead of the game, making the most of these redeemable codes is vital to enhance your gameplay experience.

What are the active Honkai: Star Rail codes right now?

Here is the full list of currently active Honkai: Star Rail codes in the game. These codes, once generated, can be summed up briefly for your convenience:

These codes offer a treasure trove of resources in the game, ranging from Credits to Undying Embers and Rail Passes. Each code unlocks a unique reward, so try them all to maximize your freebies. Don’t miss out on these opportunities to boost your progress!

Discover if you can play Honkai: Star Rail on the Steam Deck. Don’t miss out on grabbing these codes before they expire. Remember to visit this guide regularly for updates on new Honkai: Star Rail codes.

LANPVGET8HFTRedeem for 100 Stellar Jade and 50k Credit (NEW) (Livestream code)
BA7NCHFA9HWXRedeem for 50 Stellar Jade and 5 Refined Aether (NEW) (1.3 Livestream code)
ASN6CHXBRHW3Redeem for 100 Stellar Jade and 4 Condensed Aether (NEW) (1.3 Livestream code)
BTN5EL69P6K3Redeem this code to get 50 Stellar Jade (NEW)
8B64E57RPP3PRedeem this code to get 50 Stellar Jade (NEW)
STARRAILGIFTRedeem this code to get 50 Stellar Jade, 2 Traveler’s Guide, 5 Bottled Soda, 10,000 Credits

Honkai: Star Rail expired codes (August 2023)


How to redeem Honkai: Star Rail codes

To redeem the Honkai: Star Rail codes, head to the official code redemption website and enter the required information into each box. Ensure that you know the server your character is on and provide your character nickname. Then, enter any active codes from the list above into the final text box and click “Redeem” to claim your free rewards.

Before proceeding with code redemption, creating a character in the game and completing the tutorial phase is important. This ensures that you have an active account to receive the gifted items. Once you’ve completed these steps, redeem as many codes as you want.

Common Honkai: Star Rail FAQs

Honkai: Star Rail, like its sister game, Genshin Impact, has garnered a devoted following and generated much anticipation. With its success in the Hoyoverse, this RPG gacha game is expected to soar to great heights.

To ensure you embark on your Honkai: Star Rail journey fully prepared, several important details must be remembered. Notably, numerous codes are available that grant access to many in-game items. These treasures can greatly enhance your gaming experience, making it all the more enjoyable. So, get ready to unlock many exciting rewards and level up your adventure!

Are you curious about Honkai: Star Rail and its in-game codes? Here’s the lowdown on everything you need to know.

When did Honkai: Star Rail release?

Honkai: Star Rail, a long-awaited release among RPG and gacha enthusiasts, has finally arrived on April 25, 2023. It brings a captivating selection of iconic characters for players to immerse themselves in. Like the renowned Genshin Impact, Honkai: Star Rail is expected to gather an ever-growing fan base and maintain its popularity for years.

Who developed Honkai: Star Rail?

The gaming industry is booming, with many developers creating exceptional games nowadays. If you’ve discovered a game that has captured your heart, it’s worth exploring the developer’s previous creations.

In the case of Honkai: Star Rail, the talented developer behind it is HoYoverse. They have also crafted other highly acclaimed games like Genshin Impact and Honkai Impact 3rd. So, if Honkai: Star Rail has become your latest obsession, diving into their earlier works could be an exciting journey.

How many active users does Honkai: Star Rail have?

To enhance your gaming experience, it’s crucial to consider the number of players involved. Spending a significant amount of time immersed in a game requires the support and assistance of other players.

Since Honkai: Star Rail is a recently launched game, exact data on the player count is unavailable. Stay updated for upcoming information. Nonetheless, you can be among the pioneers and explore the captivating new world of Honkai: Star Rail by downloading it from its website. Get ready to embark on this thrilling adventure!

What do Honkai: Star Rail codes do?

In Honkai: Star Rail, every game comes with its own set of codes that unlock incredible rewards. These rewards can greatly enhance your gameplay without any additional cost.

From free boosts to valuable items and consumables, these in-game rewards, such as Stellar Jade, Credits, and Traveler Guides, will assist you in your thrilling adventure. Redeem them promptly to avoid missing out on these valuable bonuses.

Where do I get more Honkai: Star Rail codes?

As time passes, codes in Honkai: Star Rail have an expiration date, while new codes are introduced. Keeping track of all the codes and their availability can be challenging, particularly with frequent updates.

Fortunately, we are here to provide timely updates on the latest redeemable codes for Honkai: Star Rail. This way, you can stay informed and take advantage of these codes within the game!

Best Honkai Star Rail Welt build: Relics, Light Cones & more.

Meet Honkai Star Rail Welt, one of the top-tier characters in the regular warp banner. As a member of The Astral Express’ Trailblazers, he plays a vital role as both a father figure and a formidable Nihility unit.

Hauptmann Welt has the extraordinary ability to manipulate gravity, resulting in remarkable skills that allow him to weaken and slow down his adversaries. Furthermore, his proficiency in dealing with Imaginary damage and exploiting weaknesses makes him a force to be reckoned with.

To maximize Welt’s potential, it is important to carefully consider his build, incorporating the most effective Relics and Light Cones. Let’s dive into how to unleash the full power of this gravity-controlling character!

Honkai Star Rail Welt abilities

Welt’s basic attack inflicts Imaginary damage on enemies. His skill is the most intriguing aspect of his kit, as it delivers three instances of damage, with only the initial hit targeting the enemy of your choice. The other two strikes are random. Furthermore, each of these attacks can potentially decrease the enemy’s speed.

In addition, his ultimate attack damages all foes and boasts a 100% base chance of imprisoning them, leading to a delay in their turn and a reduction in their speed. Moreover, his talent enhances his damage output when he strikes a slowed enemy, enabling him to become more powerful after his first turn.

With these versatile abilities, Welt proves to be an excellent support character. However, it is also possible to build him to deal significant damage.

Honkai Star Rail Welt light cones

The best light cone in the world is “In the Name of the World.” It increases damage to enemies that have been rebuffed and enhances both the Effect Hit Rate and ATK when the character uses their skill.

There is another light cone called “Good Night and Sleep Well,” which is a four-star option. This particular light cone amplifies damage based on the number of debuffs on the enemy. Additionally, a three-star light cone called “Loop” focuses on boosting damage against slowed enemies.

Honkai Star Rail Welt relics

The Wastelander of Banditry Desert is considered the best relic set in the world. This set not only provides a substantial boost to Imaginary damage but also enhances the crit rate by 10% against enemies who have been rebuffed and increases crit damage by 20% against imprisoned enemies.

It is specifically designed for Welt, so utilizing this set for optimal performance is highly recommended.

In terms of stats, prioritize Effect Hit Rate, Speed, and Crit stats when enhancing this set. Additionally, Welt benefits from the Energy Regen Rate due to the imprisoned status effect that his ultimate ability can trigger.

The Pan-Galactic Commercial Enterprise set is the most suitable choice when selecting Planar Ornaments. This set increases the Effect Hit Rate and boosts attack based on the Effect Hit Rate.

For the Planar Sphere, aim for Imaginary Damage, while for the Link Rope, consider Energy Regen Rate or ATK.

Honkai Star Rail Welt teams

Welt is an incredibly versatile character in the world of Nihility. He can seamlessly fit into any team as a support, effectively keeping enemies at bay.

His ability to synergize with other Nihility characters, especially when it comes to debuffs, is another aspect that sets him apart. However, the true potential of Welt awaits when Imbibitor Lunae, the dedicated Imaginary DPS character, makes his appearance.

Imagine combining Welt with Luocha, the Imaginary healer, and Silver Wolf – the result is a formidable team capable of exploiting Imaginary weakness and obliterating enemies.

In the meantime, substituting Lunae with Seele can be a worthwhile option if you possess all these five-star characters. Now, get ready to witness the power of this exceptional lineup!

Best Honkai Star Rail Clara build: Relics, Light Cones & more

Clara may be petite, but don’t underestimate her prowess as a formidable damage dealer. Her trusty robot companion, Svarog, amplifies her power immensely.

As a member of the Destruction Path, Clara excels in dealing damage across the board. Additionally, she stands apart from the crowd as the only coveted Physical five-star character in the game. This makes her an invaluable asset for targeting specific vulnerabilities.

If luck favors you with Clara’s arrival through the Regular Warp banner, then optimizing her potential is crucial. Allow us to guide you through outfitting Clara with the ideal Relics and Light Cones for maximum effectiveness.

Honkai Star Rail Clara’s abilities

Clara possesses the ability to inflict physical damage through her basic attack. Additionally, she wields an impressive AoE attack that inflicts damage upon all enemies and deals additional damage specifically to those marked by her exceptional talent.

Speaking of her talent, it serves a dual purpose by reducing the damage Clara herself takes and prompting her ally, Svarog, to mark enemies who dare to strike her. In turn, Svarog retaliates by inflicting damage upon these marked adversaries.

To further fortify Clara’s defense, her ultimate ability reduces the damage she sustains and increases the likelihood of her becoming a target for attacks. Additionally, it bolsters Svarog’s counterattack, enhancing its destructive power. Notably, her ultimate immediately triggers a counterattack upon activation.

Clara’s versatile skill kit is expertly designed to lure enemies into attacking her. She must team up with characters who possess shielding abilities and can heighten the probability of her being targeted, such as the formidable March 7th.

Honkai Star Rail Clara light cones

Clara possesses a truly unique and irreplaceable Light Cone. This extraordinary ability enhances her attack power and gives her the ability to restore HP whenever she successfully overcomes an enemy or withstands an attack.

If you don’t possess this particular Light Cone, there is an exceptional alternative known as the five-star Light Cone called “On the Fall of an Aeon” from the Simulated Universe.

This remarkable Light Cone augments Clara’s attack whenever she engages in combat and further boosts her damage output when she inflicts the Weakness Break status on her adversaries.

“Nowhere to Run” is Clara’s finest choice for those searching for a four-star Light Cone option. This exceptional Light Cone bolsters her attack power and allows her to replenish her health whenever she emerges victorious in a battle.

It is worth mentioning that Clara does synergize well with Destruction Light Cones; however, if you have yet to acquire them, there is no cause for concern.

Honkai Star Rail Clara relics

Clara’s most prized relic set is the Champion of Streetwise Boxing. It enhances her Physical damage and grants a powerful attack boost whenever she is struck or delivers an attack up to five times. Achieving the optimal balance is crucial when it comes to stats.

It is advisable to equip her with a solid combination of critical stats alongside a substantial amount of attack power.

When it comes to her Planar Ornaments, the Inert Salsotto set proves to be her best choice. This set amplifies her critical rate and elevates her ultimate and follow-up attack damage.

Since Svarog’s hits are considered follow-up damage, incorporating this set significantly enhances her overall damage output. To maximize her potential, it is recommended to prioritize Physical Damage for the Planar Sphere and stack up on attack stats for the Link Rope.

Honkai Star Rail Clara teams

Team compositions in the game require careful consideration, especially regarding Clara and her unique playstyle. Unlike other characters, Clara thrives when she is under attack. However, this presents a challenge because she can only be taunted by March 7th. Therefore, pairing these two characters together is highly recommended for optimal results.

Aside from Clara and March 7th, you can mix and match other DPS or support characters as needed. However, it is important to note that March 7th alone may not provide enough shielding to safeguard the entire team, particularly in later-game content. Considering this, it is strongly advised to incorporate a healer into the team composition to ensure the team’s survival.

By carefully selecting the right team members and utilizing their unique abilities, you can create a formidable squad that maximizes Clara’s potential. So, be strategic, experiment with combinations, and triumph in your adventures.

Best Honkai Star Rail Kafka build: Relics, Light Cones & more.

The Honkai Star Rail Kafka character is a formidable force in the game, particularly in dealing with heavy lightning damage and enabling damage over time effects on enemies.

This character introduces a fresh team-build strategy to the turn-based RPG, effectively harnessing a mechanic previously considered insignificant for tackling challenging end-game content.

In this ultimate Honkai Star Rail Kafka build guide, we will explore her incredible abilities and how to optimize her potential for maximum impact.

Honkai Star Rail Kafka abilities

Kafka’s normal attacks inflict normal damage, which is expected. However, what makes her skill intriguing is its ability to harm a single enemy and affect the surrounding enemies. Moreover, it activates any ongoing damage over time effects on those enemies.

This particular ability enables Kafka to unleash tremendous damage at once, only if you strategically assemble your team.

In addition, her ultimate ability targets all enemies, electrifying them and inflicting damage equivalent to the accumulated damage over time.

Furthermore, her talent unleashes subsequent attacks that intensify the damage from ongoing damage over time effects.

Kafka’s focus lies not only in triggering damage over time but also in inflicting it.

Honkai Star Rail Kafka light cones

Kafka’s best Light Cone shines as her signature ability, granting her many advantages. This remarkable skill enhances her damage output and boosts her speed, creating a devastating impact. Moreover, it inflicts additional damage over time, amplifying its destructive force.

If the previous choice doesn’t strike your fancy, another exceptional option is In the Name of the World. This skill primarily focuses on bolstering damage dealt to resilient adversaries while concurrently enhancing attack power and Effect Hit Rate.

Eyes of the Prey is an enticing choice for those seeking four-star alternatives. This ability not only augments the Effect Hit Rate, but it also inflicts lasting damage, ensuring a potent assault against foes.

Alternatively, you may opt for Fermata, which increases the Break Effect. Moreover, it amplifies the damage inflicted upon enemies affected by the Shock or windshield status conditions.

Each choice holds immense potential, ensuring an exhilarating and strategic gameplay experience.

Honkai Star Rail Kafka relics

Currently, no specific relic sets are designed for damage over time effects. This lack of dedicated sets means it can be difficult to determine the best options for boosting damage over time. However, there are a few recommendations we have for you.

Firstly, the Band of Sizzling Thunder is a solid choice. It enhances your lightning damage and increases your overall ATK when you use your skill. Another option is the Musketeer of Wild Wheat set, which boosts ATK and SPD.

Alternatively, you can consider using the new Messenger Traversing Hackerspace set as a two-piece option to improve your character’s speed. Mixing and matching pieces from these sets can also be effective.

Regarding stats, it is crucial to focus on ATK as it significantly boosts damage over time procs and regular attacks. It’s important to note that damage over time effects cannot currently benefit from critical hits. This means that while crit rate and crit damage are useful for regular attacks, they are not essential for damage over time effects.

We suggest prioritizing Effect Hit Rate, ATK, and SPD for relics. These stats will greatly enhance your character’s performance.

Regarding Planar Ornaments, the Space Sealing Station is an ideal choice as it provides a substantial ATK upgrade. Opt for lightning damage on the Planar Sphere and ATK on the Link Rope to maximize your overall damage output.

Honkai Star Rail Kafka teams

For effective synergy with Kafka’s damage-over-time abilities, pairing her with units that prioritize such abilities is recommended. The characters that possess this trait in their kit are Sampo, Serval, and the recently introduced Luka. To ensure diversity, it is advisable to choose two units, with Sampo and Luka being a commendable combination.

In addition to damage-dealing units, incorporating a defensive option is crucial. If you prefer a healing role, characters like Luocha can significantly contribute to your survivability, and Bailu is equally adept at ensuring your well-being.

Alternatively, suppose you possess a capable shielder like Gepard or the Fire MC. In that case, you can further exploit the damage over time strategy using the Trend of the Universal Market light cone. This strategy enables Preservation units to inflict burn status on opponents when attacked.

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