How to get free internet in NTC 2019(Really)

introduction to get free internet:

Hey guys, this post is about getting internet for free in 2018 what is it possible nope because the telecom operators patched that bug it was possible using HTTP injector but now it is not working.and It was illegal too so, there are not anyways you can get free internet once i got chance to surf the freee internet in Ncell for 6 hours. This happened because there was  a bug and they will fix the bug within some days or some hours you might be asking so, why did you call up here then and my answer is that you can get unlimited internet in NTC by paying only 15 rupees to

get free internet in 2018

get free internet in 2018



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How to subscribe to the NTC offer of the unlimited internet:

so, here is the whole process of getting internet for free in 2018 follow me up

  • to subscribe the customers need to send sms on

NUNL to 1415 for night time unlimited data pack

and similarly, the users can get this offer by dialing *1415#


so, how was my method of getting internet for free in 2018, be sure to comment down if you need any help iIwill help you from my bottom of my heart now signing out and be sure to leave your comments down

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