How to make internet very fast upto 10x in 2018 ?



n this century every people are using internet for a different purpose and they will certainly hate these creepy internets and they willnot pay a single penny for internet service so, what will they do now what they will search over all internet pages but they will not get reliable internet!what will you do will you hack internet services oh sorry i am just kidding hacking network services  is not possible so,Don’t worry we are here to help you !

proof  will be at last with video by sushant ghimire 

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steps to follow up:

you need to follow up what I will do then you will be able to use internet service very fast so, can i start yeah I am gonna start it lets start

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step 1:

you need to download Puffin browser

how to make internet very fast 2018

how to make internet very fast 2018

after downloading with your favorite browser you need to set up for your journey for the fastest internet speed

step 2: now setup for that file its written as puffin browser setup

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step 3: after setup, you need to install required elements which are essential to run puffin browser and yes for your fast internet tour

step 4: now you have completed your setup open it

step 5: when you will open it will ask for cloud access give it to that just by pressing a single button

step 6: when all the required options are completed you will get similar look like google chrome,firefox etc

make internet fast homescreen

make internet fast homescreen

step 7: then open your website this will work perfectly and you website speeds and loads within few milliseconds yeah few milliseconds you will be able to watch youtube videos in 4k,HD

Loaded youtube

Loaded youtube

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step 8: you will be able to surf and download yes you will be able to download your files,software, music at high speed.

speed test

Internet speed test 2018

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So, are you going to test it out comment in that comment section for your information this is in beta mode so, this may not respond so, Perfectly but trust me I have tested it and it was working charm I suggest you try once

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