How to Root Bluestacks 3 latest version 2019

how to root bluestacks 3

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hey mates whats up here we will discuss on rooting bluestacks 3 or root bluestack interesting huh yeah we will help you to root bluestacks so, let’s begin

First of all, we will all know about Bluestacks generally bluestacks is an android emulator where you can run Android apps without any worry, and it will work a charm. Bluestack can be used because if we will root our android device that will void our warranty and nobody likes that, yeah and this will cause a headache to you. But there are many apps which require root access to proceed for the next step. You wanna try what that app will do then don’t worry we will help you to root your bluestacks in 2019. Thus the major problem is to root the bluestacks

How will be it helpful since an emulator is not a device it just works same as medium and it works same to same so, you don’t need to worry? If anything wrong happens, then you can remove or uninstall that shit software and again install

The process on how to root BlueStacks 3

Rooting is hard in bluestacks three oh no mean it’s not hard you can easily root without any worry

1. First of all, you need to check the root status, and you can check whether your device is rooted or not by using root check app which is shown below

Root Checker
Root Checker
Developer: joeykrim
Price: Free+
  • Root Checker Screenshot
  • Root Checker Screenshot
  • Root Checker Screenshot
  • Root Checker Screenshot
  • Root Checker Screenshot
  • Root Checker Screenshot
  • Root Checker Screenshot
  • Root Checker Screenshot

We have used joeykrim. You can install any app we need to check the root status so,it is not that much essential

You need to click on install then you need to press verify after sometimes it will show whether it is proved or not then proceed to the next step

2. Next, we require a program which you can get from XDA developers

You can download it from here.

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Once you are able to download extract the zip files and copy paste to the desktop, it will be more comfortable and run that bluestack tweaker as administrator. That will make changes without any error

3. Now you need to use bluestacks tweaker and choose the patch that will be installed to your device.move forward and press Force Kill BS to stop all the processes which are processed by bluestacks

4. Once the killing operation is completed you need to, go to the Helpers tab and press on Unlock button.

5. After that, you need to go to the  Main tab and press on Start BS. This is required inorder to patch the root.

6.After that when bluestacks starts to run you need to go to the helper’s tab and click on a patch to complete the rooting task

Wait for sometime as we know patience gives sweet fruit as it is required in order to complete the rooting task. There is one extra thing that you need to do you need super su.

7. Open Play Store on bluestacks and install supersu just go on and install that

That’s it. you have now successfully rooted your android phone, and now you can enjoy the apps which require root  permission using this method you can easily root your android device


By the way, have you rooted your device then I suggest you comment down below, and if you have any problems in rooting then you can comment down below I will try to solve your problem like my problem thanks for reading generally you can root any of the android device using bluestacks tweaker so i hope you have used same method if you have other method then comment peace

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