How to take photo like DSLR from android 2018

How to take a photo like DSLR from android?

If you like photography or spend your time in photography, you might definitely have this news. Many like a photo was taken from the DSLR camera. The quality of photos taken from the DSLR camera is fantastic.

But everyone may not have a DSLR, because of this, many people do not like photography from their smartphones. However, as there is a solution, we can take a picture of like a DSLR camera with help from various apps from the Google Play Store for excellent photography. The following apps and apps feature is discussed below.

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC:

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This photocopy can be used for litter sis for excellent photography from the mobile. If this app has downloaded millions of users in the Play Store, it has received a record of more than one lakh more than the Play Store 4.3 star. Size is 57 MB. Therefore it is appropriate to download on a Wi-Fi network.

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It has been given great features. The photo of the photo can be set according to your wish with this app. Furthermore, features from Fig Cleaner and Real Color are included in this app.

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC
Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC
Developer: Adobe
Price: Free+


This can also be excellent photography from the app. In this, photos of quality can be made like a photo taken from the DLLR. The number of people downloading it in Google Play Store is 5 million. This app has received 4.4 stars, more than 6 million users have been hiding. This app has a size of 9.5 GB.

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This app enhances the photo quality, the app has been given the editing and many other special effects. It has also been provided with Social Media Sharing Permissions.If you have a good faith in photography, you may surely be useful.

Developer: VSCO
Price: Free+

Camera Zoom FX:

Camera Zoom FX has downloaded up to 5 million users in Google Play Store. This app has received 4.0 stars on PlayStore. In addition, more than 88 thousand have been given the rating. This app size is 5 MB.

When talking about the features in this Camera Zoom FX app, there are features like Deep Zoom, Slider Shot, HD Collage. This can help you get the best pictures. No compromise on the quality of the photo.

Camera ZOOM FX Premium
Camera ZOOM FX Premium
Developer: androidslide
Price: 3,99ย โ‚ฌ

Camera Connect & Control:

If you are a fanatic photography and want to prepare excellent photos from your smartphone, you can download this app. It has downloaded this app by thousands of users. It has got 3.9 stars. Also, more than one thousand have been given racing. The size of the app is 6.4 MB.

This controls your smartphone camera. Therefore, using this app can take a good picture of your camera from your camera.

Camera Connect & Control
Camera Connect & Control
Developer: RupiApps
Price: Free+


so,they are the apps which will be helpful for you to take the photos like DSLR



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