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Ice Scream 5 Friends MOD APK[Unlocked]

ice scream 5 MOD APK

Ice Scream 5 Friends: Mike’s AdventuresThe long-awaited continuation of an excellent horror saga in which players will again face a team of maniacs. This time around, the baddies are more than strange; they’re downright bizarre! The last part ends with children being rescued and going to exit but unexpected appearance from main villain disrupts evacuation plan ruining everyone’s day (we won’t tell you how!). Now abductees must scatter all over huge factory hiding among secluded corners trying desperately not get found or killed before finally getting out alive at any cost).

App NameIce Scream 5 Friends
PublisherKeplerians Horror Games
Category Adventure
Size 180M
Latest VersionUpdated
Mod InfoMega Mod
MOD Info
  • Mega MOD

About Ice Scream 5 :

The players find themselves in yet another harrowing situation as they attempt to escape from an ill-fated factory. This time, however, the main villain is waiting for them at the exit–with nowhere left turn! Now it’s up hill battle against overwhelming odds and blood thirsty foes with only one goal: survival
A continuation of a long established horror series offers more than just terrifying visuals; there are also plenty new features such as acting characters that will keep gamers interested throughout their adventure.

In some ways, the gameplay mechanics are similar to those in an open world. However it also presents additional challenges that players will need to overcome if they want their friend safe and sound from monsters all over this place while exploring what’s available for them on-site as well! In addition monsters always seem present everywhere so you better stay clear of them at every turn because there is no telling when one might come knocking with its sharp teeth ready or something worse waiting just around the corner…


Mike & Friends New Characters

When you play as the character in this game, it will be like being on your own screen. You can’t look away from what’s happening around to find a solution for yourself because of how immersive and realistic everything feels when playing horror games. The only way out is through fear – literally!


Escape & Save Your Friends:

In order to escape, you must follow the actions of your adversaries. In this way they will act before capturing players in a tutorial-like fashion and then start chasing them as soon at possible afterwords with more challenging obstacles like an industrial facility lacking minimaps that pose difficulties when trying not get lost among all these hallways or rooms within it.

Break the Cage

You are the only one that can break free from your own prison cell and show off abilities similar to those of The Main Character while being aware enough not just for yourself but with what surrounds you. It’s important in this game, as well!

You must be able touch anything around so make sure you’re paying attention- no touching any walls or doors unless given permission first; if something doesn’t respond when trying then leave it alone because they probably don’t want interaction yet
The tone should remain informative.



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