Lost Ark Roadmap

In addition to the brand-new Legion raid, a revamped class, and weekly challenge dungeons, the Lost Ark roadmap provides plenty of content this summer. Players can look forward to an exciting summer of updated content and challenges, following up on the recent major updates in April and May.

This update looks like a big one for Lost Ark, with the Arcanist class and a revised schedule for classes. With the updated release schedule, players will have more options when choosing their class, and the Arcanist class will have magical attacks. Fans of the game will love the exciting new features and content in the update.

New Lost Ark Arcanist class


A powerful wizard, the Arcanist uses unique cards to boost his attacks and has strategies for every situation. With him, you’ll always have an ace in the hole!

Arcanists are Advanced Mage classes in Lost Ark with a unique ability called Card Deck, which lets them draw cards with random stats and use them in combat.

With the Arcanist’s ability to land attacks, the Card Deck is unpredictable and exciting. The Arcanist joins the Bard and Sorceress as the third advanced mage class in Lost Ark.


Lost Ark class release schedule

After the Arcanist, two more classes are on the horizon for 2022. The Lost Ark community has been buzzing with excitement, and now we know what to expect: a new Advanced Class will be released every two months for the rest of the year.

It’s time to experience the Arcanist Advanced Mage Class in Lost Ark, along with the Bard and Sorceress. The four remaining Advanced Classes are scheduled to arrive this year, while the next general class may arrive in 2023. Release schedules have been accelerated to match other regions.

Lost Ark June update

New content is coming in June, including various reworks, rephrasing, and imaginings. So keep an eye out for what’s coming next, and get ready to be entertained!

Legion Raid: Vykes.

Vykas in lostark

With item level 1430 on Normal and 1460 on Hard, you’ll need to bring your A-game to this eight-player challenge. After completing the Legion Raid, you can upgrade your Relic gear set.

Guardian Raid: Kungelanium.


The Guardian Raid is your chance to take on a Level 6 Guardian! Players with an item level of 1460 and higher can team up or go solo.


Once you’ve cleared 25 floors, your reward will appear. Use item level 1325 or higher to enter the single-player dungeon.

Lost Ark July update

There’s some big news about the Lost Ark July update! I’m looking forward to it, and I can’t wait to see what’s in store!

New class: Arcanist.

Introducing Advanced Class in the next update will allow gamers to take their game to the next level.

New Valtan Legion Raid difficulty: Inferno.

If you do the Legion Raid at its most challenging setting – item level 1445 and higher – you’ll get achievements and titles instead of upgrades. You’ll need the Book of Coordination to ensure all your gear is as high as the Legion Commander. You won’t be able to use the gate progression system.

Challenge Abyssal Dungeon.

Get your team leveled against your foes weekly with the Scale of Harmony! Pick from a bunch of challenges tailored to different levels of items, and get a bunch of honing materials. Win one dungeon per week per roster!


New Lost Ark Yoz’s Jar skins

Lost Ark Yoz’s Jar

Introducing Yoz’s Jar, Lost Ark’s latest cosmetics pack! With an assortment of Epic and Legendary skins, there’s something for everyone!

The skins you have can be broken down into cloth, which you can use to get new ones if you don’t like them or they’re no longer useful.

Get ready to rock the remastered look with old, less powerful skins combined with Legendary ones, so you keep the Legendary bonuses.


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