Make awesome animated cartoons in 2019 from pc (working method)

Make awesome animated cartoons in 2018 from pc

Here we will talk on making animated cartoon from pc that is whether its windows xp,windows 8,or windows 10, its gonna support all of them so,will it be easy to make cartoon or you will say animated cartoon then my answer will be

Make animated cartoon in 2018 from pc [quads id=5]

Then lets begin from here

make animated cartoon from windows

SO,from where should we start lets start from here.You may ask what is the name of that software that will help us to make animated cartoons then the name of the software is PLOTAGON 

Yup thats the name of software that will help you to make animated cartoons so, from here we will learn every thing that has this software.

make animation from PC/windows 10

so,i have published whole screenshot of making animated cartoon making software that is plotagon so, the main first thing about this software is that :

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  • It loads in blazing speed even if your computer has low performance
  • You can get it for free or you can even pay it doesn’t have a trial
  • It offers most DIY, easiest animation making for storytellers, YouTubers, business etc
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How to get started

Step 1:

You need to download their software from below given link don’t worry its official link



Just open it up then you will see this like homescreen

make animation from PC/windows 10

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you can log in or signup or create the first plot that you will get so, after creating first plot


There will be all blank there will not be any character or anything just you need to make so, how to make follow me up in step 5


you can start by adding a  scene just add that then you will see add location then you can click on that then you will see different scenes after then just add the one that is free

[quads id=3]


Then add character some of them are named as lisa,jessica etc add them and then i have added jessica then there will be left or right then set it up you can do from there Right

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So,following that steps you can make animated cartoons from windows in less time and it also doesn’t needs professional without paying a single penny so, start using that and if you have any problems let me know in that comment section be sure to read other articles too now next article will be on making animated videos from android. #PEACE ✌?✌?

If you wish to see a demo from me then this is its demo


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