Metal slug commander tier list

Metal Slug: Commander boasts an impressive roster of over 50 units. However, you won’t need all of them to assemble a formidable team. Just five carefully chosen characters will suffice. To effectively combat your adversaries, you must have offensive units, a couple of tanks, and at least one healer in your arsenal.

In this enhanced guide, we present a tier list showcasing the cream of the crop in Metal Slug: Commander. The top five characters below are undeniably powerful and would form an unbeatable team. Of course, acquiring all of them might not be feasible, so we’ve also included some viable alternatives in the B-Tier.

Metal Slug: Commander S-Tier Units



Type: Rush Unit
HP: 785k
ATK: 83k

Fio, one of the most prominent units in the game, possesses an extraordinary AoE ability called Lightning Judgement. This powerful skill allows her to eliminate entire teams of enemies simultaneously. What makes Fio even more remarkable is that she is a character that players can acquire without spending any in-game currency.

Teaming her up with Hyakutaro is highly recommended to maximize Fio’s damage potential. Together, they form an unbeatable duo that wreaks havoc in Metal Slug: Commander. By synchronizing the charging of their ultimate abilities and unleashing them in succession, starting with Fio’s and then Hyakutaro’s, the outcome will leave you astounded. The devastating impact they have on the battlefield is truly impressive.

Overall, Fio and Hyakutaro’s synergistic partnership is undoubtedly a force to be reckoned with in the game. So, if you want to witness extraordinary results, combine these two characters and prepare to be blown away.



Type: Special Unit
HP: 960k
ATK: 58k

Beatrix is a formidable addition to any team, especially due to her unparalleled healing skills. What sets her apart from other supporters is her remarkable ability to enhance the healing powers of fellow healers in your team by a whopping 15%.

This means that when you have Beatrix and Midori on your team, their healing abilities significantly boost, resulting in even more effective healing.

In addition to her impressive support abilities, Beatrix possesses a special AoE healing skill called Halloween Gift. With this skill, she can instantaneously restore the HP of your entire party in one go. This means you can revive and rejuvenate all your team members with just a single act. Truly remarkable and incredibly handy in overcoming challenging battles.

A-Tier Units



Type: Assault Unit
HP: 1458k
ATK: 53k

Introducing SV-001, a formidable and sturdy vehicle that serves as a tank and can assault the enemy’s front line with devastating rockets.

Capable of inflicting substantial AoE damage, this mighty powerhouse becomes even more effective when supported with constant healing, eliminating the need for an additional tank in your team.

Unleash SV-001’s true potential by utilizing its Tank Collision ability, unleashing a powerful 245% damage strike upon the adversaries in the front row. Witness the ensuing battle unfold in your favor as you dominate the battlefield.



Type: Assault Unit
HP: 1213k
ATK: 69k

The Growl tank is undeniably superior to SV-001, although it comes at a cost. Its immense strength allows it to effortlessly break through the enemy’s frontline and strike their back rows, making it a formidable force on the battlefield.

However, to maximize its potential, you must have Beatriz on your team to ensure optimal healing. The only exception is when the Growl tank utilizes its Contest ability, which inflicts 170% damage while maintaining complete invincibility. While Ramal may be considered a potential alternative, it falls short compared to the Growl tank.


Hyakutaro Ichimonji

Type: Special Unit
HP: 1009k
ATK: 73k

Meet Hyakutaro, the ultimate support character for your team. While he may not excel independently, his Energy Upgradeability becomes a game-changer when combined with a formidable squad.

Hyakutaro has the unbelievable power to recharge the energy of other units, enabling them to unleash a string of ultimate attacks one after another.

This extraordinary skill sets him apart, making Hyakutaro an indispensable asset in Metal Slug: Commander. With him by your side, you’ll witness your team’s true potential as they unleash a relentless barrage of devastating ultimates.

B-Tier Units



Type: Rush Unit
HP: 925k
ATK: 100k

Jin is an exceptional attacker with impressive sword skills. She possesses the ability to excel as both a charger and a tank, making her a versatile player in combat.

One of her standout abilities is Prison Blade, a targeted attack that unleashes devastating damage. When Jin bounds forward and begins slashing, her intended target suffers heavy damage, and every other nearby enemy also feels the impact.

With Jin on your team, you can rely on her to deliver powerful strikes and effectively take down multiple foes with each blade swing.



Type: Rush Unit
HP: 1176k
ATK: 73k

If you’re searching for a unique offensive character to enhance your party’s attack strength while also being formidable on their own, look no further than Schwarz.

With her incredible ultimate ability, Gluttony, she not only launches fierce attacks at the front row of the opposing party but also immobilizes them, leaving them stunned. Schwartz is a unit worth aiming for if you want a versatile and powerful addition to your team.

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