Minimillitia latest mod apk CTF 2018

mini-militia-latest-mod 2018

minimillitia hacked app always win in CTF download:

the developers have updated the minimillitia to engage more players all over the world. They have introduced one new features in minimilitia that the player who will capture the more flag he/she will be winner but the problem is that how can we deafeat the tough members who are expert in playing such multiplayer games so,i have brought one new mod in order to help you ok l will post the links below you can download it from there:

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features of minimillitia mod

  • No Reload: Continues shots without reloading.
  • Pro Pack + All store items
  • Unlimited Ammo: With every gun in the game you get to fire unlimited bullets without reloading.
  • Unlimited Bombs: Unlimited grenades and deadly smoke bombs. Bombs can penetrate through the wall too.
  • Fly Through Walls: Your avatar, bullets, grenades, guns can pass through walls.
  • Transparent Bush: Get to see who is hiding behind the bushes.
  • Dual bullet shoots: Every trigger of the gun shoots 2 bullets simultaneously.
  • No Lags or Guns not firing issue: With the latest update, all issues are resolved.
  • Gravity independent: Even without using jetpack you stay in the space like you do in “Lunarcy” map
  • Version 4.0.36: This release comes out with “Capture the Flag (CTF)” feature in which you have to carry your opponents flag to your respawn point to win a match. The Wall Hack has been updated to include CTF mode.

If you want to download original then download from playstore:

Doodle Army 2 : Mini Militia
Doodle Army 2 : Mini Militia
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minimillitia hacked app

The link to download this mod will be provided at the end of this post and do you know you will survive more than your friend as you will not die .

this will contain three modes :

  1. blue capture the flag
  2. Imortal no one can shoot you
  3. and next is ultra god mode

so,using these mod you can defeat your enemy and always win this game.

The link for those three mode apps are enlisted below you they are stored in google drive so,links are

  1. unlimited every things :–>click me 
  2. minimilitia mod:—->click medont worry guys there is no virus i promise all the files are scanned by google
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