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Modern Strike Online MOD APK

Modern Strike Online MOD APK :FPS games are all the rage right now, so if you love them too then check out our FPS game. It’s on Android and optimized for lower-performing devices since it needs to be accessible by everyone!
Are you really currently really a supporter of those FPS video online game titles that are fantastic? On the Lookout to Get a S.W.A.T.? Then look no further because we have just what you’re looking for – an awesome first-person shooter where terrorists clash with SWAT teams in thrilling combat situations.

App NameModern Strike Online
PublisherAzur Interactive Games Limited
Category Action
Size 850M
Latest VersionUpdated
Mod Infomenu'
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  • All players unlocked
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Modern Strike Online:

Sport is a fantastic first-person shooter (FPS) video game that will appeal to most lovers of the popular Counter Strike franchise.

It has improved graphics and well built places for players to enjoy using their arsenal of weapons and guns, which can be seen in real life. This allows friends who have never played before with each other but love FPS games to play together as it’s also fun!

Features Of Modern Strike Online Mod Apk



This game pleases even the most demanding players with its quality, vivid 3D graphics, battlefield scenes that are moving in a tangible way to reenact fierce battles like those of wartime. Weapons are equipped with modern details and always upgraded regularly helping one not be bored playing this game.

Sound and audio:

You can hear the jerking of bullets, gunshots from players shooting continuously to knock down the enemy, not only in sound but also sight. You see both helicopters flying and tanks making noise as they move on land.

The game makes you feel like you are part of a fierce battle with all these different aspects moving around so quickly that it is easy for your eyes and ears to get fatigued too quickly without even realizing how tired they have become until after finally beating someone or getting shot yourself because time ran out during an intense round up between enemies hiding behind various spaces/objects lining through each map’s stage itself which limits player movement based upon their surroundings using natural barriers instead of walls unlike other first person shooter games today where often times some sort-of wall.


Players can choose from 70+ weapons when playing the game. Players invest in combat costumes such as shoes, gloves, and iron armor to suit their gameplay style. The game also provides players with skills that increase attribute types; higher attributes mean more powerful effects on your character’s performance during fights!

There will be over 70 different weapon choices for you while participating in this new online multiplayer RPG- there are even rare items like boots, gauntlets of strength (gloves), or steel plate mail armors available too if you want to look fly before fighting monsters – but what really matters is how many skill points you have invested into each type! And every time one of these 5 main categories reaches a certain value they do something special: Strength increases melee damage output.

Modern Strike Online: PvP FPS


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