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Here in this game, your mission is not only to kill other players and get the high KDA but your goal is to survive long. Because in this game the last survivor will be the winner so, are you ready to boost up your skill and play like pro?

App NamePixel Gun 3D
PublisherPixel Gun 3D
CategorySimulation, Survival
Size 1.5G
Latest VersionUpdated
Mod InfoMega Mod
MOD Info
  • Unlimited Money
  • All weap unlocked
  • All characters
  • Max level

Pixelgun 3d information:

pixel gun 3d MOD APK is one of the royale battle survival shooting games developed by Pixel Gun 3D. It is an FPS game with high 3D graphics. This game is a survival game, unlike PUBG Mobile. Its graphics are designed in such a way that it looks like pixels (square blocks) like Minecraft.

In this game, first of all, you and 99 other players will be moving to an island on an airplane. After that, you have to choose the place where you want to land and jump down to go there. Now you have to search for hidden weapons here and there across the map. Here in this game, your mission is not only to kill other players and get the high KDA but your goal is to survive long. Because in this game the last survivor will be the winner so,are you ready to boost up your skill and play like pro if yes then you can check out our FRAG Pro shooter

Pixel Gun 3D MOD Apk  features

Some of the basic features of pixel gun 3d apk MOD are listed below:

  • Battle Royale: 2 Maps, 100 Players, last player standing will be the winner.
  • Play Zombie Apocalypse Mode offline without wi-fi and internet.
  • The game is full of 11+ Modes, 30+ Maps, 200+ Weapons, 40+ Gadgets, 180+ Creative skins, and 50+ Pets which makes the game more interesting.
  • Modify your lobby and get your weapons and armor more powerful, and besides, you can craft cool stuff in the Armory.
  • Socialize with other players and chat in clans and battles.
  • Upgradable Battle Pass with challenges and rewards.
  • Blogger events and holiday updates. 

Features of pixelgun 3d:

Getting some information about Apk only is not too much for today’s world. You should know about its inner features deeply too otherwise it’s not worth it to you.

Here are some general features of pixel gun 3d unlimited coins and gems which have made it more interesting and amazing. Some of them are listed below have a look and let yourself known something about it:

  • Skins and Pets

This  game ie Pixelgun 3d comes with more than 200 different weapons, 40 gadgets such as jetpack, energy shield, etc. It also comes with more than 180 extremely creative customers.

The best thing about this feature is that you can dress up as your favorite character like zombies, pirates or superheroes, etc.

On the battlefield, you can take pets as your trusted friends. This game owns many impressive types of pets such as Dogs, Cats, Unicorns, etc. You can also raise T-Rex dinosaurs also.

  • Maps and Modes

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Pixelgun contains more than 32 maps. Some of the maps are Sniper Forts, Nuclear City, Space Arena, Nite Christmas Town, etc. Not only this, this game comes with up to 100 people per battle.

This game is all about the game of survival royale with a shooter game too. It also contains some attractive modes such as Deathmatch, Arena, Co-op Survival, Campaign, etc.

You can also join the game offline with Zombie Apocalypse Mode there.

  • Controlling


In this game, you will find a simple and easy controlling option. Here, on the left screen, you will find a joystick touch button which helps you to move here and there.

Similarly, on the right screen, you will have buttons for firing, jumping, reloading bullets, and buttons for expressing emotions. You can change the right or left view of the game by swiping the screen easily.

If you have played any other game of such controlling before then it’s nothing for you. If not then you just have to play some game and then you will be perfect in it.

  • Graphics

Graphics in download kinemaster pro full version,


In the case of graphics, the game is made with 8-bit pixel graphics which can make you satisfied while playing. In the present time, the special graphics of Pixel Gun 3D have created its own mark between a series of survival games.

  • Deathmatch Mode

Death note

Some basic features of Deathmatch Mode:

  1. Local as well as Worldwide match.
  2. Available with up to 8 players in one game.
  3. Chat is available with friends as well as in war too.
  4. A unique map of different shapes and sizes.
  5. You will find weapons from simple to dangerous there.
  • Campaign Mode


Some basic features of Campaign Mode:

  1. A new training camp for the new users.
  2. New cool maps with cool new songs.
  3. More detailed graphics have been added.
  4. Now the gameplay becomes more challenging here. You are not able to go through enemies and various people.
  • Co-operative Mode



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How to install :

Estimated time to install: 3 Mins

Step 1: Download Pixelgun APK MOD 2021 File.

First of all, you need to download Your app simply by pressing the download given below which will take you to the download link then you need to download your apps.

Step 2:Find your mod apk

Now when you have downloaded the app you need to find app it may be in the downloads folder or the folder you created for saving your downloaded files.

Step 3:Enable Unknown Resources

If you are going to install from unknown sites then you need to enable unknown resources but don’t worry our apps are virus-free so, you can use them for a longer duration

Step 4:Install The apk

You will be prompted to install app then simply press install then you are done wait for few seconds then you will be ready to go.

Step 5: Installed! Done


There its you will find your mod apk or desired mod installed in your device ready to rock and roll now enjoy the premium mod.



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