Introduction on Pokemon Go Mod apk 2020

pokemon go mod apk 2019

pokemon go mod apk 2019

This article is all about an Adventurous online game named Pokemon Go. Today here we are going to talk about Pokemon Go Mod Apk with its basic features and what’s new has been updated in the Apk. Read the complete article from top to bottom in order to know about Pokemon Go Mod Apk and how to download and then install it in your android devices or PC/Laptop. so,here we will be learning Pokemon Go Mod Apk 2020 today here we will be installing mod apk of Pokemon go mod apk here you need to move to different places and catch up different species of pokemons as water type,grass type,fire type etc such as picakhxu,bulbasour,charmander etc so,wake up from your dream as this game will fulfill your needs and desires.Here in this game you can master pokemons catch out with them also study them with your pokedesk through which you can be expert in this pokemon go hack apk.

Introduction on Pokemon Go 

Pokemon Go is the global gaming sensation that has been downloaded over 1 billion times and named “Best Mobile Game” by The Game Developers Choice Award and “Best App of the Year” by TechCrunch. It may be your worldwide gaming experience. It is also well known as an Adventurous online Android game where you will get the chance to discover and capture the Pokemon present all around you.

While playing the game you need to get your shoes on, step outside, and explore the world. Here in the game, you will battle for the prestige and ownership of Gyms by joining one of the teams among three. This apk works like while you walk around a neighborhood, your smartphone starts to vibrate when it will find a Pokemon Nearby. Here you have to take aim and throw a Poke Ball in order to start the game. The main thing in this game is to stay alert, otherwise, the character might get away from you.

Pokemon Go Mod Apk Features

Some of the basic features of Pokemon Go Mod Apk are listed below:

  • Step outside and catch Pokemon in the real world.
  • It is free-to-play and also offers in-game purchases.
  • This game is basically optimized for smartphones, not for tablets.
  • Compatible with Android devices having 2GB RAM or more with Android Version 4.4-7.0+ installed.
  • Compatibility is not guaranteed for devices without GPS capabilities or devices that are connected only to Wi-Fi networks.
  • The game is only played while connected to a network in order to obtain accurate location information.
  • You can change your compatibility information at any time.
  • Due to some reason, sometimes the Apk may not run on certain devices having compatible OS versions installed.
  • Recently trending on #1 Top grossing in the field of Adventures Game according to the Editors’ Choice.

Features of Pokemon Go Mod Apk 2020:

Here are some general features of Pokemon Go Mod Apk which have made it more interesting and amazing. Here you will be going to tell you about some of the inner features of this Apk deeply. Some of them are listed below have a look and let yourself known something about it:

  • Search Wide and Far for Pokemon and items

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search pokemons

 🔥Pokemon Go Mod Apk 2020 v0.177.1 (Unlimited Coins)Pokemon go hack: Pokemon appears according to their native environment from where they belong to. For example, you can look for Water-type Pokemon in places like lakes and oceans. You can also visit PokeStops, found at interesting places such as museums, historical markers, monuments, and art installations to stock up on Poke Balls and useful items.

  • Catching, Hatching, Evolving, and More

🔥Pokemon Go Mod Apk 2020 v0.177.1 (Unlimited Coins)


As your level goes up increasing, you will be able to catch more-powerful Pokemon to complete your Pokedex. Based on the distance you walk while finding the Pokemon, you will be able to add to your collection by hatching Pokemon Egg. Help your Pokemon evolve by catching many of the same kind so why dont you try mod on pokemon go hack mod apk 2020.

  • Take on Gym Battles and Defend your Gym

🔥Pokemon Go Mod Apk 2020 v0.177.1 (Unlimited Coins)

Take on Gym Battles and Defend your Gym

As the level increases your characters also go on evolving into the new one. Here your Charmander evolves to Charmeleon and then Charizard. You can battle together to defeat a Gym and able to assign your Pokemon to defend it against all comers.

  • Team Up to Conquer Raid Bosses Notes

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Team Up to Conquer Raid Bosses Notes

The program is Free to Play. It is optimized only for tablets, maybe not for tablet computers. But sometimes the program might not operate well using certain apparatus even if they have harmonious OS variants installed. Complete the Fitness battles Combine Trainers around the globe in order to detect the Pokemon since they are explored to the world.

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Download Pokemon go mod apk 2020 latest

pokemon go mod apk 2019

pokemon go mod apk 2019

Pokémon GO
Price: Free+

App Name Pokemon Go Apk Mod
File Size 96M
Updated On 10 May 2019
Latest Version 0.161.0
Android Version Required‎ 4.4 and up
Developers Niantic, Inc.

How to Download and Install Pokemon Go Mod Apk 2020 on Android?

If you are struggling while downloading the Pokemon Go Mod Apk, then you don’t have to worry about it. We are here to help you. You just have to follow the basic following instructions for downloading the game on your Android Device.

    1. First, you have to search for the Pokemon Go Mod Apk on google. You will find many websites that provide apk.
    2. Then download the apk from one of the websites and wait for a couple of minutes to download the apk.
🔥Pokemon Go Mod Apk 2020 v0.177.1 (Unlimited Coins)


  1. Once your game is downloaded now search for the apk file in the download folder of your device.
  2. After that, you have to click the install button. Then it will start installing.
  3. 🔥Pokemon Go Mod Apk 2020 v0.177.1 (Unlimited Coins)


  4. But sometimes the Apk will not install. So you have to allow the device to install the apk from an unknown source from settings
  5. 🔥Pokemon Go Mod Apk 2020 v0.177.1 (Unlimited Coins)

    unknown installation


  6. Now, your apk will start installing. It will take a couple of minutes to install the apk on your device.
🔥Pokemon Go Mod Apk 2020 v0.177.1 (Unlimited Coins)


  1. I hope you installed the game successfully on your Android Device. Enjoy the game now.

How to Download and Install Pokemon Go Mod Apk 2020 on PC?

If you guys are searching for such an article that will help you to download and install Pokemon Go Mod Apk on PC then you have landed on the perfect article. Here we are going to provide you some tips through which you can play Pokemon Go Mod Apk on your PC enjoying a lot.

Playing Pokemon Go Mod Apk on your desktops/pc can make you feel amazing. But the worst thing is that installing the game on your PC can be a big risk for you and your computer too.

But we have a solution for it too. Here we are going to use Bluestacks through which you can play any android game easily on PC. It is the easiest one to use Android Emulator out there. Follow the simple basic steps below and go through it so you will get your apk installed on your pc:

  1. At first, download Bluestack Emulator on your PC.
  2. Then install the application by following all the screen instructions.
  3. Now the sign-up or sign-in the process starts. You have to sign in if you already have a bluestack account otherwise you can go for sign up and make a new one.
  4. Now download the Pokemon Go Mod APK.
  5. At last, you just have to drag and drop the apk file to your bluestacks and you are all done. Through this, you will get the application installed on your computer.
  6. Enjoy the gameplay with the surrounding. Enjoy the game now!

What do other users of pokemon go mod apk 2020,says:

 1st user: 

I never thought that Id actually play this game again. But after 2 years. Im back and could say that this game improved a lot. I love how the developers listened to the players. Events and cycling spawns make the game so hard to leave. The introduction of the PVP is incredibly good. Rewards walking and adds another layer of gameplay. So awesome

 2nd user: 

I’m sure this is so much better if you live in a populated area. I’m lucky to see a pokemon spawn once every few days in my local area, that includes using incense, and have to wait until I make the trek into the nearest city. Also hard to hatch eggs when you have mobility issues, 90% of the time steps aren’t registering, no chance when in a wheel chair. Would like to be able to trade over longer distances too.

 3rd user: 

Unresolved bugs. 1. In battle league, tappable objects, like shields, swap, and which Pokemon to choose, do not respond to touch. After being forced to lose, the button to continue to the next battle doesn’t work either. 2. Attacking a gym, leaving, healing or changing group, attacking again reverts the group and the health of your Pokemon.

Download pokemon go mod apk,

Here you can pokemon go apk mod,without worries here we serve you high speed downloading links so,you can follow those mentioned steps in order to download so without wasting your time lets begin:

Before proceeding to download watch  how to spoof also watch how to root with magisk

How to sp0of Pokemon go

How to root android device:

Note: We haven’t stored any files in our hosting the files aren’t hosted over our server and we have uploaded from the internet we got If you have an issue let us know through the contact

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we have gave mod apk so,you need to go and after that download those mods and obb and install them in your device then you are ready to go


Do I need a rooted android phone to install this mod?
Let me tell you, most visitors on my site always ask me if they need to root their Android phone to install the mod apk or not. Guys, you do not have to root your phone to install this monster legends mod   It is a modded apk version, so you do not have to clutter or edit the game data using the root explorer. Which means you do not need a rooted device.
How much memory is required in order to install this mod?
If you wish to install this mod in your device then you need to have or clear up space as pointed above
Are your Mods Virus Free
Yes,we have mods which are virus free,Your system may block but you can turn it off even if you have any doubt let us know through contact us we will give you full report thanks
Can we hack this game with Lucky Patcher
Yes,You can hack this game with lucky patcher but in this scenario who goes through Luckypatcher so,here we provider full working mods


So,if you guys have installed our mod then thanks a lot also thanks for being here we hope you enjoyed our content we hope to see you ,have  a nice day!


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Phantomroshan is a site where you will be able to download mod apk and games in high speed so,if you face any kind of problem let us know!^_^

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