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Nowadays websites and shops that can buy online goods such as cheapest, Daraz are popular. Such sites do not have to store a lot of stuff in one place, do not have a look-to-shop, compare the price of different shops, and do not bargaining. It’s easier to buy when buying. But with ease of focusing on some of the safe purchases, it can also be the opposite of the opposite.

online shopping

online shopping

Purchasing through the Internet requires your computer, mobile or tablet to be secure. At the festivals such as Das, Tihar, more purchases are required when sales are sold. At such times the speed of various types of frauds, thugs and Internet criminals are more than that of other times.

Getting greed that gives you more attractive and less discounts should be a little more an online advertisement per click. When you click on the offers you can click and the trap may be scattered.

E-mail such as the information that your bank account does not receive, the password number, the number or number of the code, whether it’s or not, clicked on the information and click here to be alert.

People who crack on the Internet and criminals are well-versed, they know that you are giving us the chance to inspire the software without knowing the software, by showing us greed, cheating our information and money. So buying online is very important to pay attention to the following:

Preparing to buy goods

Information about a seller or a seller: Check whether the seller has a store or a shop or a phone number. If there is some trouble, see whether or not the person can be contacted. If you are buying from a new site, but you do not have much information about it, see what others have commented on that site, search on Google or in the same search site (such as site name fraud or scam, if you are looking for something else about the site credibility. Criteria can be found). After seeing whether such customers are satisfied with such sites in such comments and criticisms, you may decide whether or not you buy from them based on others’ experience.

Things to keep in mind while shopping

Things to keep in mind while shopping

Think about three times before clicking any link:

When clicking on links to your email, Facebook post, online advertisements, Internet criminals can insist on stealing your information, viruses or spy software. So before clicking on any link, click on the link from which link to which you are, and consider what you do not click on that link. Do not click on such links as long as possible by the trustworthy source and if necessary. If you ask for a personal information, username or password via email from a site or a bank, inform such requests in the relevant place, but never click on or click that email.

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Personal information is equal to money, understand its importance and protect: What is requested for forming online purchases, for what it is and whether it is necessary or not. Usually you should ask some of your information when purchasing the order by confirming the order, if the form starts forming, it may be somewhat disrupted.

Take note of the refund rules and other rules: If you are not satisfied with bad stuff, do not worry, do not worry, or get some problem back, return the money back or return the item, return the goods and get money Take care of what are the conditions before.

Verify website address:

Please enter the site before you are the right site or just clicked on the link.

Website Security Check: Encryption is very important when you exchange your information from a site that is buying online goods. After encryption, information exchange is safe, and at any point, it is possible to read or read that information. For that reason, the address of the site you are trying to purchase must start with https and that should be displayed in green green green colors. The website is not safe if HTTP is just or is cut or red, even if it is in red color.


Time to buy

Use Safe Payment Options: If you buy goods from credit cards, if the system is not available to get the money backed up, then the purchase of credit card from the credit card is the safest, “Cash on Delivery” is the safeguards of getting the goods in Nepal’s perspective. In this model, you can only pay for the recipient you have searched for and picked up in the model.

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Turn off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth when not required:


Some stores and other locations may be interested in what you are doing through your mobile Wi-Fi and Bluetooth waves, so turn off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth when not required.

Pay attention to free or public-space Wi-Fi usage: do not do sensitive tasks such as login your email, public internet banking from free or public location Wi-Fi. Always put your computer’s firewall on, and always keep your mobile or computer detectable and do not close the file sharing option.

After purchase
Record the purchase:

After purchasing the goods, place the order number, the paid card or the account, and after getting the goods back and send the bank’s statement, verify your records, goods, and the money cut.

Do not forget to check the goods as soon as you get the goods:

If you have received the purchases, you have to order or not, tick, bounce, bruise, be damaged, check-out. It may take a time to get back and get back, and then it may take a time to get back to the baggage.

Other basic security information

Keep your computer, mobile, and tablet virus free: It’s very important to keep your computer, mobile and tablet virus and spy software free. Operating systems always keep updated, do not use non-software software that is generated or cd / DVD found in the market. While installing many free software you can get free of charge, you may also have other software that you do not want to install, to avoid that installation of software such as tackle what you are tired, unofficially accept other software and opt out of custom uploads and tick off unnecessary offers. Uninstall to install such software.

Log in:

Use two-factor authenticentication (like login-by-email notifications, once using a password that is OTP) or Thumbprint and other biometric expressions when using a password. Use a password that is safe when you use a password and others can not guess, and do not write the password.

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Keeping a sentence as easy as possible:

Recover password for more than 12 characters or more. The words, names, phone numbers that are found in the normal dictionary are not safe. When creating a longer password, you can make the word easier for your password to be remembered, which is choosing a password called “Happy Dashain to all”, and this can be protected by writing – “H @ ppyD @ shain2aLL”. If you have more than one option to use space then add space, the password can be more secure. (See: Easy Way to Keep a Strong Password)

Do not use the same password all the way:

If you place multiple passwords in different places, it is difficult to remember, and many of whom are e-mailed from Facebook, from the Facebook to the same password. To keep your account secure, it is very important to keep a different password across each site or application. Never use the same password for everyone to say that any website or application percentage is protected, so if someone detects the password of an account, then the other account does not have the same password left open.

Never use a public-space computer for online business:

On the computer like cybercafe cafes, library and hostels, someone might have placed spyware software to steal information like user’s username, password, account number. The history of the auto-recorded history of your sites and the cookie that you use to log in can find out more about you. So do not use computers anywhere in place for online shopping. Always use your computer or mobile device for online shopping only. Do not try to log out if you use normal windows, incognito windows, or in-private windows, and do not log in after you’re done in such computers.

Always make a purchase via a secure network:

Free or public-space Wi-Fi can be unsafe. Unsecured Wi-Fi connections can be easily stolen by hacking your information by logging in or buying. So use only the secure network connection (Wi-Fi / LAN) of a secure location for purchases or businesses.

If you pay attention to online tasks and research as well as the above-mentioned things, your shopping will be safe.


so, If you follow the above-mentioned steps you will be safe from different kinds of frauds and theft, online hacking as well as of many security threats.


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