The Definitive BDO Tier List

Looking for the best Black Desert Online classes? Look no further. Black Desert Online, a highly popular MMORPG, boasts a wide range of classes, each with its distinctive abilities and playstyles.

To help you find the perfect fit, we’ve compiled a BDO tier list. So, start your epic adventure today and discover the class that suits you best!

Deciding on a class for your BDO journey can be daunting due to the abundance of choices. However, with numerous options available, it can be quite a challenge.

Introducing our BDO Class Tier List – the ultimate guide for PvE and PvP gameplay in the popular MMORPG, Black Desert Online.

Developed by Korean video game developer Pearl Abyss, this sandbox-focused fantasy game took the gaming world by storm when it was first released for Microsoft Windows in 2014.

Since then, it has expanded to Black Desert Mobile for mobile gamers and Black Desert for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 players. With our tier list, you can now choose which class to play, ensuring maximum effectiveness and enjoyment in your gaming experience. Don’t miss out on this invaluable resource!

Tier S BDO Classes for PVE

For those aiming to excel in BDO, these classes stand out as the cream of the crop and are strongly advised. They deliver tremendous damage, resilience, and utility in late-game PVE. Their exceptional capabilities make them essential for success.

  • Maegu
  • Berserker
  • Woosa

Tier A BDO Classes for PVE

While S-tier classes may appear to be the easiest and most powerful options for both PvE and PvP, it is important to acknowledge the potential of other classes that require additional time and effort to master.

Although not as popular, these classes can still be formidable choices in various game modes. Despite their complexity, they offer unique gameplay experiences that are equally rewarding. Whether it be in PvE encounters or PvP competitions, these alternative classes have the potential to surprise and impress fellow gamers.

  • Lahn
  • Striker
  • Hashashin
  • Musa
  • Ranger
  • Guardian

Tier B BDO Classes for PVE

Although not as powerful or adaptable as higher-tier classes, these BDO classes still offer good choices for players.

However, they come with flaws and restrictions requiring players to adopt a more strategic play style. These classes fall into a lower tier but can still be effective in the right hands.

  • Ninja
  • Shai
  • Dark Knight
  • Valkyrie
  • Sorceress

Tier C BDO Classes for PVE

Achieving comparable results with lower-tier classes can be a lengthy and demanding process. These classes often possess unique playstyles and abilities that attract specific players, although their effectiveness may not always be as strong or impactful.

Ultimately, it may require considerable time and effort to attain similar outcomes as their higher-tier counterparts.

  • Wizard
  • Corsair
  • Mystic
  • Sage
  • Witch
  • Warrior
  • Nova

Tier D BDO Classes for PVE

These classes currently rank as the weakest in the game and should be avoided if you want to level up quickly in PvE. To make them viable choices, a substantial investment in equipment and skill points is often required.

  • Maehwa
  • Kunoichi
  • Archer
  • Tamer
  • Drakania

Tier S BDO Classes for PVP

The S-tier classes are the epitome of competitive play. These roles excel on the battlefield because of their immense power and versatility. They are exceptional in both individual and group confrontations, and they can tip the scales in their favor. To dominate in PVP, choose an S-tier class.

  • Awakening Musa
  • Succession Kunoichi
  • Awakening Valkyrie
  • Succession Berserker
  • Awakening Sorceress
  • Awakening Berserker
  • Awakening Warrior

Tier A BDO Classes for PVP

Though not as versatile or inherently strong as the S-tier, the A-tier classes still possess substantial power in PVP. They can hold their own in individual skirmishes and shine in group conflicts. By choosing an A-tier class, you will remain a formidable adversary on the battlefield.

  • Awakening Lahn
  • Succession Wizard
  • Awakening Dark Knight
  • Awakening Ninja
  • Succession Sorceress
  • Succession Ninja
  • Succession Witch
  • Awakening Kunoichi

Tier B BDO Classes for PVP

Although B-tier classes are viable choices for PVP, they may not measure up to the capabilities of S and A-tier classes. While they possess certain strengths and weaknesses, they can still be valuable when wielded skillfully. Opting for a class from the B tier requires strategic thinking and a considerable amount of dedication to overcome more powerful adversaries.

  • Awakening Maehwa
  • Awakening Corsair
  • Awakening Ranger
  • Succession Valkyrie
  • Succession Guardian
  • Awakening Wizard
  • Awakening Hashashin
  • Succession Hashashin

Tier C BDO Classes for PVP

C-tier classes in PVP tend to have average effectiveness. Though they may be able to compete occasionally, they are generally outperformed by higher-tier classes. Choosing a C-tier class means you’ll need to possess exceptional skills and put in extensive effort to overcome stronger opponents.

  • Awakening Witch
  • Succession Nova
  • Awakening Mystic
  • Awakening Archer
  • Succession Warrior
  • Succession Lahn
  • Awakening Shai
  • Awakening Striker
  • Succession Musa
  • Succession Ranger
  • Succession Dark Knight
  • Succession Mystic
  • Succession Striker

Tier D BDO Classes for PVP

The D tier consists of the least powerful and effective classes in PVP. The higher-tier ones overshadow these classes and have notable vulnerabilities. Choosing a class from the D tier requires exceptional skill and extra dedication to overcome opponents of average skill or higher.

  • Succession Corsair
  • Succession Maehwa
  • Succession Sage
  • Awakening Tamer
  • Awakening Sage
  • Succession Tamer
  • Awakening Nova
  • Awakening Guardian


The BDO Tier List for PvP and PvE is a crucial resource for players seeking to enhance their gameplay experience.

It provides valuable insight into the strengths and weaknesses of each class, helping gamers identify the most suitable class for their preferred playstyle. This list is an essential asset, enabling players to optimize their performance in the game.

Recognizing that the tier list is not a concrete ranking and can vary depending on a player’s skills, equipment, and preferences is important.

The key to achieving success in BDO is choosing a class that aligns with your playstyle and trying to master it. With unwavering determination and commitment, any class has the potential to become a formidable force in PvP and PvE.

Black Desert Online Tier List – FAQ

Is it still possible to succeed in BDO with a lower-tier class?

Lower-tier classes can also achieve success with sufficient effort and resources. Though it may require additional support, individuals from these classes have the potential to thrive.

Will the tier list for Black Desert Online evolve?

As the game is updated and balance adjustments are made, the effectiveness of each class may change. This means that the power and impact of different classes can vary over time. It is important to stay informed about these changes and adapt your strategies accordingly. Keeping up with the updates and understanding how they affect each class can give you an edge in the game. Stay vigilant and be prepared for class effectiveness shifts as you navigate the ever-evolving gaming landscape.

How do I choose a suitable class for me?

Experiment with different classes to find the one best fits your playstyle and goals. Feel free to try out multiple classes before settling on one.

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