The First Descendant Tier List

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The First Descendant is an incredible game that seamlessly merges the elements of a third-person shooter with cooperative role-playing. As you embark on your journey, you can choose from many unique characters, each offering skills and abilities.

Like Diablo, the game involves completing various in-game missions to obtain valuable loot. The thrill of collecting a wide range of loot adds to the excitement as you strive to become more powerful within the game.

One of the standout features of The First Descendant is its captivating storyline, which keeps players engaged and immersed in the gameplay. Additionally, the dynamic combat system within the game combines the thrill of shooting with strategic decision-making and skillful execution. This perfect fusion of gameplay elements ensures a truly thrilling and satisfying gaming experience.

Now, without further ado, let us delve into The First Descendant Tier List guide.

The First Descendant Tier List 2023

Below is the revised ranking of characters in The First Descendant, categorized from Tier S to Tier B. This ranking system places the most powerful characters in Tier S. In contrast, the average characters are listed in Tier B. The game’s top-tier characters possess exceptional abilities and stand out, making them highly desired by players. On the other hand, Tier B characters are still valuable in the game, but they may not possess the same level of strength and versatility as those in Tier S.

S Tier

The First Descendant Tier S

Choose The First Descendant Tier S characters for unparalleled strength and power in the game. Opting for these characters is a surefire way to enhance your gameplay.

LepicTier – S
AjaxTier – S
ViessaTier – S

A Tier

The First Descendant Tier A

The First Descendant Tier A characters are exceptional options in the game. If you prefer not to select the abovementioned characters, these are also excellent alternatives.

JayberTier – A
SharenTier – A
GleyTier – A

B Tier

The First Descendant Tier B

The Tier B characters in The First Descendant are considered average, but they can still lead you to victory with the right skills and strategy. By utilizing their abilities effectively, you can overcome challenges within the game.

BlairTier – B
BunnyTier – B
FreynaTier – B

The First Descendant Characters Wiki Guide

The First Descendant Characters guide provides valuable information about the key characters in the game. It introduces the players to diverse characters with unique abilities and traits. Each character is beautifully portrayed, ensuring an engaging gaming experience. The guide unveils their strengths and weaknesses, enabling players to strategize effectively. By exploring this guide, gamers can enhance their understanding of the game’s storyline and make informed decisions. Whether the cunning rogue or the skilled warrior, each character adds depth and excitement to the gameplay. Discover The First Descendant’s captivating world and unlock these remarkable characters’ potential.


  • Lepic Role: AoE Dealer
  • Feature: Lepic brings vibrant energy to the in-game battlefield, making it a more engaging and lively experience. With his incredible right arm, he unleashes a series of powerful attacks that leave opponents in awe. His presence alone adds excitement and intensity to every encounter.
  • Battle Concept: He dominates the virtual battlefield with a powerful prosthetic right arm and a trusty grenade.

Lepic Skills

  • 9 Lives: There is a possibility of surviving fatal damage in an in-game battle. This occurrence can arise during intense gameplay, where unexpected strategies or fortunate events may turn the tides in your favor. When this transpires, it instills a sense of excitement, thrill, and relief, providing a second chance to continue the fight and potentially emerge as the victor. Such instances can captivate players, keeping them on the edge of their seats and intensifying their gaming experience. Therefore, it is crucial to remain vigilant, adapt quickly, and utilize every opportunity to maximize survival odds. By embracing these unpredictable moments, players can enhance their gaming journey, creating memorable and exhilarating gameplay sessions.
  • Grenade: A grenade is thrown at the opponent, causing damage. Additionally, it inflicts extra burns when the Power Stream is active.
  • Traction Grenade: The Traction Grenade is a game-changing weapon that can completely alter the course of a battle. With a simple throw, this powerful tool instantly draws opponents towards it, bringing them within striking range. Its effectiveness lies in its ability to disrupt enemy positioning and create opportunities for team members to capitalize on. By strategically deploying the Traction Grenade, players can gain a significant advantage by forcing opponents into favorable combat situations.
  • Power Stream: It enhances all Skill ATK and grants Grenade and Arm Launcher a Burn effect within a specific time frame. Summarized: Boosts all Skill ATK, temporarily adding a Burn effect to Grenade and Arm Launcher.
  • Arm Launcher: Firing a robust shell towards the adversary, this shell is sustained at the designated landing spot for a specific duration, causing persistent damage within the game. Furthermore, additional burns are inflicted when the Power Stream is active.


  • Ajax Role: Tank Dealer
  • Feature: Ajax, the character who defies death and emerges victorious from the depths of the Void, possesses unparalleled mastery in manipulating the game’s physical dimensions. Harnessing an extraordinary ability, Ajax distorts space with remarkable skill. This extraordinary feat allows him to warp the very fabric of reality within the game.
  • Battle Concept: He leads the team in the game, using powerful barriers to protect allies and reflect opponents’ attacks.

Ajax Skills

  • Void Vault: The ability to store Void Energy during combat is a game-changer. It grants players the power to harness and unleash this potent force. With every strike and every move, Void Energy accumulates, waiting to be utilized. Picture the intensity of battle, the adrenaline pumping through your veins, and the sheer thrill of charging up your abilities. It’s like having a secret arsenal ready to be unleashed at a moment’s notice. Mastery of this ability brings a whole new level of strategy and excitement to the game. So, embrace the power of storing Void Energy and let your adversaries tremble in its wake.
  • Reversed Door: Ajax possesses the incredible ability to create an impenetrable shield. This shield is a formidable defense, becoming stronger as Ajax’s DEF and HP increase. When enhanced, the shield protects Ajax and damages opponents who dare to strike it. The amount of damage inflicted is directly proportional to Ajax’s DEF, adding an extra layer of power to his already impressive defensive capabilities. Ajax’s shield acts as a powerful force field that safeguards him and retaliates against his foes.
  • Expulsion: When activated, Strikes can push back opponents who are nearby. This thrusting force can be even more powerful if enhanced, as it increases the knockback range and boosts the maximum shield capacity.
  • Void Walk: Leaping into the air, it gracefully lands on the ground, ready to strike any nearby opponents, leaving them stunned. Additionally, when enhanced, Max Shield experiences a significant increase for a specific duration.
  • Hypercube: Ajax, the valiant warrior, possesses a unique ability that manifests as a dome-shaped shield. This formidable shield not only offers protection but also boasts exceptional durability. Interestingly, the shield’s longevity directly correlates to Ajax’s DEF and HP, making him an even more resilient force. But that’s not all – when enhanced, this shield possesses an extraordinary ability to reflect a portion of the damage inflicted by enemies back onto them. How remarkable is that? Just imagine the surprise and frustration of opponents as their attacks bounce back at them, thanks to Ajax’s impenetrable barrier. This ability sets him apart and solidifies his formidable presence in the game.


  • Viessa Role: Debuffer
  • Feature: Viessa possesses a remarkable talent for freezing Vulgus by manipulating the water molecules in the air. This unique ability allows her to immobilize her adversary effortlessly.
  • Battle Concept: She freezes her opponents in their tracks with a chilling blast of air, effortlessly immobilizing them. Not only does she have the ability to freeze others, but she can also encase herself in ice, gliding gracefully across the battlefield. With her icy powers, she commands attention and brings a unique element of strategy to the game.

Viessa Skills

  • Ice Sphere: When moisture condenses in the atmosphere surrounding the nucleus circling the body, it significantly reduces the temperature in the game. This process helps cool down the surroundings and creates a more pleasant environment.
  • Ice Beam: The explosive Ice Beam instantly fires through the air, causing damage to the surrounding area and trapping opponents with its freezing effects.
  • Blizzard: The snowstorm created is explosive, causing damage and trapping enemies. Those caught within the storm will experience the Ice Shackle effect, which intensifies with each hit. Additionally, if the exploding area of the snowstorm hits an opponent, the Ice Shackle effect increases even further.
  • Ice Shackle Effect: The growth is accelerated by two stages upon impact or by one stage when influenced by the explosive zone. Once produced, it undergoes a reduction in length.
  • Frost Fog: Viessa, a character in the game, possesses a unique ability that enhances her shield and running speed. Additionally, she can create ice sheets on the ground where she stands. These ice sheets serve a strategic purpose, as any opponents who come into contact with them will be afflicted with the debilitating Ice Shackle effect. This effect gradually increases in intensity, impairing the movement and abilities of Viessa’s foes.
  • Ice Wave: When unleashed, a burst of frigid air pierces the atmosphere, binding and chilling everything in its path. This icy blast inflicts damage upon its targets and ensnares them with its persistent grip, known as Ice Shackle. The effects of Ice Shackle intensify over time, gradually tightening its hold on the unfortunate souls who have fallen victim to its icy grasp. As the power of this frosty phenomenon grows, its ability to restrict and restrain amplifies, causing its captives to be locked in place with increasing strength. The power of this formidable ice spell reaches its peak, freezing its prey in an unyielding embrace.

FAQs Of The First Descendant Tier List

Below are some frequently asked questions and answers about The First Descendant Tier List:

Who Are The Best Characters In The First Descendant Game?

The Tier S characters in The First Descendant Game are considered the best. They outshine all other characters with exceptional abilities, making them highly sought after by players. These characters possess unique skills and traits that allow them to excel in various aspects of the game. Whether it’s their unmatched strength, incredible speed, or unparalleled strategy, Tier S characters are unstoppable forces that dominate the virtual world. A combination of their powerful attributes and extraordinary capabilities makes them the ultimate choice for players seeking victory and glory.

What Is The First Descendant Tier List?

This guide aims to assist you in selecting the most suitable hero for The First Descendant Game. It provides character rankings to aid in your decision-making process. With the help of this guide, you can easily identify the top hero options.

Who Are The Weakest Characters In The First Descendant Game?

Avoid choosing Tier B characters in The First Descendant Game, as they are considered the weakest.


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