Top 10 websites in nepal

Top 10 websites in nepal

Hello guys we will be discussing here for the top 10 websites in nepal which are very much popular in nepal as we know that in todays context there are many websites which are being developed whether it is for blogging,ecommerce,organiztion,or for the purpose of social networking we will be discussing here for the top 10 sites which are much more popular and they are opened daily by nepalese so,lets begin

List of 10 Websites

top 10 websites in nepal 2018,top websites in nepal 2019,websites in nepal used for too muchyoutube which was developed on 14th February 2005 by paypal employees where they wished to share videos with each other they developed youtube where youtube is one of the most used site where people can share their videos with each other as well as earn money.It is mostly used website in nepal and for your information the first video which was uploaded in youtube was  Me at the zoo

google,top websites in nepal 2018,websites in nepal 2019Google is an american multinational technology company initiated on September 4, 1998 where the current CEO is sundar pichai so,i think google is at the top but according to the alexa ranking google is at 2 nd place so,google is used widely by nepalese people where they can search everything yup i can say everything its a huge data base contanining tons of information And many people as well as i just check the connectivity of internet just by pressing so,this is also most widely used website in nepal not only in nepal but all over the nation.

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Online khabar is a newsportal site where most of the nepali people visit this site for the news,entertainment,political news etcThe website operates with 50 journalists with the connection in more than 65 countries and receives more than 700,000 unique users per day.

Ekantipur is also an newsportal as onlinekhabar this website provides the recent news on political,country wise as well as international.It was founded by shyam goenka in 1993,this site is also one of the top websites in nepal

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Top 10 websites in nepal 1Facebook is an social networking site where people can share,chat,comment,watch videos,call to their friends it was established by markjukerberg in February 4, 2004 so,this is also one of the most used social networking site all over world as well as in nepal too.


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6.News24 nepal TV

This is also one of the news sharing website where it shares news of nepal,politicial status of the country,financial stautus so,this is also one of the site which is used by most of the nepali people

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top websites of nepal,hamrobazzar,phantomroshan,see result 2076Hamrobazzar is an ecommerce site where people can sell their goods and services at efficient price more than 300k pages have been indexed on google and the most of the traffic comes from southafrica and Nepal


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os nepal,phantomroshan,top websites of nepal 2018Os nepal news portal incorporates not only breaking Nepali news stories, but also major news flashes across the world in almost real time. they saysWhile delivering news, views, information and messages of our readers’ choice and interest is our objective, bringing about a positive change in our society is our larger goal. At a time when online journalism and news has been going increasingly popular so,we can enlist in top 10 websites in Nepal

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9.Rato Pati

ratopati,top websites of nepalRato pati is newsportal working to provide better access to news,political condion of the nation,financial stauts of the nation so,here rato pati is ranked in alexa on nepal rato pati is on 8th rank which is getting its most of the traffic from nepal is also an social networking site where they can send mail to their friends relatives etc Jerry Yang and David Filo these two Electrical Engineer has created the Yahoo! and this website is started at Stanford University. This website is created in January 1994.


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They are the webistes which were taken from alexa if you wish to know more about the ranking of the websites in Alexa then you can visit so,thanks for reading if you find it helpful share with your friends thannks!!!!!

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