Vindictus Tier List

Welcome to the ultimate Vindictus Tier List! This comprehensive guide offers an extensive ranking of the game’s characters, allowing you to select the best one suited to your playstyle easily.

Whether you’re a seasoned player or just starting your adventure, this list will provide valuable insights into each character’s strengths and weaknesses. So, let’s delve into the rankings and discover Vindictus’s most potent and exciting heroes!

Vindictus, an incredible multiplayer online action role-playing game developed by devCAT, Nexon’s in-house studio, has captivated players worldwide. With its diverse cast of characters, each possessing unique in-game skills, it offers an engaging gaming experience.

These characters are organized into various classes, enhancing gameplay diversity and allowing players to tailor their strategies.

Customize these amazing characters to your heart’s content. Immerse yourself in a world overrun by malevolent forces, where your mission is to ensure the survival of the remaining inhabitants. They rely on you as their last hope in this perilous game.

To enhance your gaming experience, selecting the perfect character is crucial. Our Vindictus Tier List is here to assist you in making the right choice.

The game’s characters are divided into two main categories: Party Play and Solo Play. Let’s dive into our Vindictus Tier List guide without wasting any more time.

Vindictus Tier List – Party Play

The Vindictus Party Play characters range from Tier S to Tier F. Tier S is considered the strongest and most effective. In contrast, Tier F characters are not recommended due to their weaker abilities.

S Tier 


Tier S characters are the top-notch and mighty heroes within the game that can significantly enhance your gameplay. Opting for these characters will undoubtedly give you an edge, ensuring a thrilling and victorious gaming experience.

CharacterBalorS3 RaidsNeamhainTier
Bow KaiSSSTier – S
EiraSSSTier – S
GrimdenSSSTier – S

A Tier 

Vindictus Battleshade Lynn

Tier A characters are highly recommended for their exceptional performance in the game. These characters possess remarkable skills and abilities, creating an exciting and enjoyable gameplay experience.

Their unique characteristics make them stand out, ensuring that players are engaged and entertained. They excel in various aspects, including combat prowess, strategic thinking, and cooperative gameplay.

Players can rely on them to effectively handle challenging quests and battles, enhancing the game’s overall enjoyment. Tier A characters in Vindictus truly shine with their impressive capabilities and versatility.

CharacterBalorS3 RaidsNeamhainTier
Battleshade LynnA+A+ATier – A
BelleSSATier – A
Glaive LynnSSATier – A
MiriASATier – A
Spear LannA+A+ATier – A
SylasSSATier – A

B Tier 

Vindictus Cestus Karok

Tier B characters are considered decent options within the game. While they may not be among the top-tier choices, they still possess valuable abilities and skills.

Though not as powerful as higher-ranked characters, these Tier B heroes hold their own in battles. Recognizing that better options are available is essential, but these characters can still contribute to a player’s success.

CharacterBalorS3 RaidsNeamhainTier
Cestus KarokB+AA-Tier – B

C Tier 

Longsword Fiona

Tier C characters are considered above average in the game. They possess unique abilities and skills that make them valuable assets to any team. These characters excel in various aspects, including damage dealing, crowd control, and support roles.

With their special abilities, they contribute significantly to the success of team battles and enhance the overall gaming experience.

These Tier C characters may not be the most powerful in the game, but they offer a balanced and enjoyable gameplay experience for players seeking a challenge. Their versatility and potential for growth make them a popular choice among Vindictus players.

CharacterBalorS3 RaidsNeamhainTier
Greatsword HurkASATier – C
Longsword FionaA+B to A+*A+Tier – C
Spellsword ArishaBAA+Tier – C
Sword LannAAATier – C
Sword VellaA+C+ to A+*B+Tier – C

D Tier

Hammer Fiona

In Vindictus, Tier D characters are considered average performers. However, their abilities are still vital in party play.

They may not possess the exceptional skills of higher-tier characters, but they bring balance and versatility to the team.

It’s important not to underestimate these characters’ contributions, as they still play a crucial role in achieving success during gameplay.

CharacterBalorS3 RaidsNeamhainTier
Hammer FionaB+C+ to B+*ATier – D
Spellwhip ArishaB+C+ to B+*B+Tier – D
Teide HurkB+BB+Tier – D

E Tier 

Vindictus Scythe Evie


Tier E characters are considered below average in the game. However, we can make a few changes to make it more engaging and concise:

Tier E characters fall under the category of below-average. However, players can unlock their true potential by tweaking their skills and abilities. Let’s explore how these characters can surprise us on the battleground.

CharacterBalorS3 RaidsNeamhainTier
Pillar KarokDACTier – E
Scythe EvieB-BC+Tier – E
Staff EvieC+BB-Tier – E

F Tier

Vindictus Crossgun Kai

Tier F characters are considered the least desirable characters in the game. They do not possess the same power and abilities as the higher-tier characters.

While these characters can still be played, players often overlook them in favor of stronger options. It is important to note that this ranking is based on the overall performance and effectiveness of the characters in a party play set. So, if you’re aiming for optimal success and efficiency, choosing characters from higher tiers is recommended.

CharacterBalorS3 RaidsNeamhainTier
Crossgun KaiB-BBTier – F
Chainblade VellaB-SC+Tier – F
DeliaB+BC+Tier – F

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Vindictus Tier List – Solo Play

The Vindictus Party Play Tier F characters may not be the ideal choice for players. Conversely, the Vindictus Solo Play characters range from Tier S to Tier F.

The Vindictus Solo Play Tier S characters stand out as the cream of the crop, offering players the best gameplay experience. On the other hand, the Vindictus Solo Play Tier F characters are considerably less desirable, lacking the same level of effectiveness.

SS Tier 

CharacterBalorS3 RaidsNeamhainTier
Longsword FionaSSSSSSTier – SS

S- Tier

CharacterBalorS3 RaidsNeamhainTier
Sword VellaS+SATier – S-

S Tier

CharacterBalorS3 RaidsNeamhainTier
GrimdenSSSTier – S

A+ Tier 

CharacterBalorS3 RaidsNeamhainTier
EiraA+A+A+Tier – A+

A Tier

CharacterBalorS3 RaidsNeamhainTier
Battleshade LynnAAATier – A
Greatsword HurkA+A+ATier – A
Hammer FionaAAA+Tier – A
Spellwhip ArishaAAATier – A

A- Tier 

CharacterBalorS3 RaidsNeamhainTier
Cestus KarokBAA-Tier – A-
MiriBAATier – A-
Spear LannA+A+BTier – A-
Spellsword ArishaBAA+Tier – A-

B+ Tier 

CharacterBalorS3 RaidsNeamhainTier
BelleB+B+BTier – B+
Glaive LynnB+B+B+Tier – B+

B Tier 

CharacterBalorS3 RaidsNeamhainTier
Bow KaiA+BCTier – B
Chainblade VellaC+BBTier – B
Crossgun KaiBBBTier – B
DeliaABC+Tier – B
Sword LannABC+Tier – B
Teide HurkBBBTier – B

C+ Tier 

CharacterBalorS3 RaidsNeamhainTier
Staff EvieC+BC+Tier – C+
Scythe EvieC+BCTier – C+

C- Tier 

CharacterBalorS3 RaidsNeamhainTier
Pillar KarokFADTier – C-

C Tier 

CharacterBalorS3 RaidsNeamhainTier



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